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Ancient History Questions - All Grades

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Grade 6 Mesopotamia
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
Sargon introduced the concept of the dynasty to an empire. What was this it?
  1. When the son of a king inherited his kingdom and became king when he died
  2. Another name for the civil service or administrators who worked for the government
  3. When a king would assign leaders to rule each city who reported in to him
  4. It was the first time the laws of a major government were written down
  5. It was secret and only known by the top officials of the day
Grade 3 Ancient History
An artifact is                                         .
  1. anything in a museum
  2. anything you can buy at the store
  3. anything made by humans in modern times
  4. anything made by humans in ancient times
Grade 6 Egypt
Why were tombs filled with art, jewelry, and other treasures?
  1. The tombs served as museums.
  2. The tombs were the private storage rooms of the pharaoh.
  3. Egyptians believed tombs to be the safest places in the kingdom.
  4. Egyptians believed the dead enjoyed such materials in the afterlife.
Grade 6 China
Laozi believed                                                      .
  1. everyone should watch out for themselves.
  2. that small farming villages were perfect communities.
  3. governments should run all aspects of life.
Grade 6 Egypt
What is a Usekh?
  1. A collar
  2. A cloth
  3. A game
  4. A headdress
Grade 6 Greece
Who wrote the Odyssey?
  1. Socrates
  2. Plato
  3. Euclid
  4. Thales
  5. Homer
Grade 6 Roman Empire
Electing tribunes and displaying the Law of the Twelve Tables
  1. benefited tribunes
  2. showed influence of the Etruscans
  3. protected the plebeians against unjust treatment by patricians
  4. violated the constitution hammered out by patricians and plebeians
Grade 7 Greece
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
Why did the Sumerians think that the Akkadian Empire collapsed?
  1. Because they could not fight well
  2. Because of poor leadership
  3. Because they failed to offer the right sacrifices to the gods
  4. Because of a curse placed on them when they destroyed the temple at Nippur
  5. Because they spoke a different language
Grade 9 Egypt
Grade 6 Greece
Grade 6 Ancient History
What does prehistoric mean?
  1. the time when no people were alive
  2. before history was written down
  3. the time long ago when there were no wars
  4. before people remember what happened
Grade 10 Ancient India
The great contribution of the Gupta Empire was
  1. a renaissance of religion, culture, and learning
  2. the defeat of the Hunas
  3. a doctrine of religious toleration
  4. the rise of monotheism
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