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Ancient History Questions - All Grades

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The Ancient History questions below are in the following grade levels:
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Grade 10 :: Ancient History by KimberlySmith1956
The Neolithic Period of history is marked historically by
  1. the use of iron in their tools
  2. a change in the way humans provided food for themselves
  3. a change in the way humans made and used tools
  4. None of the above
Grade 6 :: Greece by SGC315
After Alexander the Great took over Persia he marched his army across the Indus River into India. The battles were bloody and his soldiers were tired. What happened?
  1. the soldiers killed Alexander
  2. they were all killed in battle
  3. the soldiers refused to go any further
  4. Alexander killed the soldiers for disobeying him
  5. Alexander agreed to go home
Grade 6 :: Greece by SGC315
I came to the throne in 521 B.C. I reorganized the government and created satrapies.
  1. Cyrus the Great
  2. Alexander the Great
  3. Xerxes
  4. King Darius
  5. Philip II
Grade 6 :: Greece by Ivand109
The Delian league
  1. was an alliance between Athens and Sparta.
  2. supported Persian military campaigns in Greece.
  3. was an alliance of city-states dominated by Athens.
  4. was an alliance between Sparta and Persia.
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by SGC315
The political reform of 287 B.C. was important because (check any that apply)
  1. the Plebeians went on strike
  2. the Council of the Plebs was established
  3. Plebeians and Patricians were now allowed to marry
  4. the Council of the Plebs were given power to pass laws
  5. this is when all male citizens had equal political standing
  6. the Council of Plebs power was weakened and the Senate strengthened
  7. the Twelve Tables adopted
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by SGC315
Which of these areas did Rome control after the Punic Wars?
  1. Spain
  2. Carthage
  3. Italy
  4. Greece
  5. Corinth
  6. Corsica
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by SGC315
How did slavery weaken the Roman Republic?
  1. Slaves began working farms and force farmers out of business
  2. Slaves began earning more money than the farmers
  3. Slaves were gaining power and began to overthrow the government
  4. Slaves began to marry into the wealthy families and diminished the level of classes
Grade 9 :: Greece by squiles
Homer's Odyssey and Iliad tell much about the Greek Dark Ages. Some of the events include:
  1. rise in scientific achievements
  2. population growth and prosperity
  3. intruders and food decline
  4. fixing of bridges and roadways
Grade 5 :: Ancient History by sinclair147
The first Americans came from.
  1. Asia
  2. Europe
  3. Mexico
  4. Asia and Europe
Grade 10 :: China by Qalam
What did Emperor Wudi contribute to the Han dynasty?
  1. law codes
  2. poetry
  3. a postal service
  4. a civil service
Grade 3 :: Ancient History by Carlin
What three subjects did boys in both ancient Greece and ancient Sumer study?
  1. reading, writing, and math
  2. reading, writing, and social studies
  3. reading, science, and math
  4. reading, writing, and science
Grade 6 :: Greece by SGC315
How would you describe the Socratic method?
  1. a way to seek an absolute truth, right & wrong
  2. use knowledge to improve yourself
  3. use observation and comparison to gain knowledge
  4. democracy is wrong & philosphers should rule society
Grade 6 :: Ancient History by pf160506
Which mountain range is a natural border to the Indus Valley?
  1. Himalayas
  2. Karakoram
  3. The Great Dividing Range
  4. Tien Shan
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