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Ancient History Questions - All Grades

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Grade 6 China
Laozi believed                                                      .
  1. everyone should watch out for themselves.
  2. that small farming villages were perfect communities.
  3. governments should run all aspects of life.
Grade 9 Egypt
What is the original name for Africa's Nile River?
  1. Holy
  2. Kush River
  3. Hapi
  4. Sudan River
Grade 6 Roman Empire
Why did a group of Senators murder Julius Caesar?
  1. because he was unpopular
  2. to destroy the Republic and restore a monarchy
  3. they were afraid of him
  4. to prevent him from destroying the Roman Republic
Grade 6 Ancient History
The Stone Age was marked by which of the following innovations (mark all that apply)
  1. mastery of fire
  2. written language
  3. invention of the wheel
  4. development of stone tools
Grade 3 Ancient History
An artifact is                                         .
  1. anything in a museum
  2. anything you can buy at the store
  3. anything made by humans in modern times
  4. anything made by humans in ancient times
Grade 6 Egypt
What is a Usekh?
  1. A collar
  2. A cloth
  3. A game
  4. A headdress
Grade 9 Ancient History
What is a person who wanters from place to place?
  1. hunter-gatherer
  2. nomad
  3. easter bunny
  4. neolithicians
Grade 10 Roman Empire
The main cause of the collapse of the Roman Republic was
  1. the Punic Wars
  2. the conflict between rich and poor
  3. political assassinations
  4. the tyranny of Julius Caesar
Grade 7 Ancient History
Grade 7 Greece
The job of the "Assembly" in Athens included the following:
  1. providing medical care and food to the needy
  2. supplying weapons for the military
  3. passing laws and taxes
  4. all of the above
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
What was unique about the rule of the Persians under Cyrus the Great?
  1. He forced all peoples to believe in his religion
  2. He turned them into slaves
  3. He moved peoples to new lands so they could not rebel as easy
  4. He allowed people to keep their local customs and religions
  5. He turned them into his elite fighting force
Grade 5 Egypt
Grade 6 Roman Empire
in 313, Emperor Constantine signed the Edict of Milan, which declared that
  1. all Jews must convert to Christainity
  2. Christians could no longer live in Rome
  3. Christians must worship the emperor
  4. the Christian church could legally exist in the Roman empire
Grade 6 Ancient History
What is the Stone Age?
  1. A time before modern history; prehistoric times.
  2. A time after Roman history; prehistoric times.
  3. A time before ancient history; prehistoric times.
  4. A time before written history; prehistoric times.
Grade 9 Ancient India
Grade 6 Egypt
The Egyptians are best known for building
  1. Pyramids
  2. Irrigation canals
  3. Cataracts
  4. Deltas
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