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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) Biology Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 10 Biology questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 10 Cell Structure and Function
Grade 10 Cell Structure and Function
Grade 10 Cell Structure and Function
Grade 10 Macromolecules
What type of macromolecules are the enzymes found in our bodies?
  1. lipids
  2. carbohydrates
  3. proteins
  4. nucleic acids
Grade 10 Macromolecules
Carbohydrates are made of which 3 elements?
  1. nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen
  2. carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
  3. sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen
  4. nitrogen, phosphorus, and oxygen
Grade 10 Macromolecules
Grade 10 Cell Structure and Function
Which of the following cell parts have similar or related jobs?
  1. mitochondria and cell wall
  2. ribosomes and cell membranes
  3. mitochondria and chloroplasts
  4. nucleus and vacuole
Grade 10 Cell Structure and Function
Grade 10 Biology
Which of the following show the correct sequence of organization for living things?
  1. cell-organ-tissue-organ system
  2. organ-tissue-cell-organ system
  3. cell, organ system, organ, tissue
  4. cell-tissue-organ-organ system
Grade 10 Macromolecules
An enzyme speeds up a reaction by                               .
  1. absorbing energy
  2. lowering the activation energy
  3. raising the activation energy
  4. releasing energy
Grade 10 Cell Structure and Function
What is the function of mitochondria?
  1. lipid synthesis.
  2. photosynthesis.
  3. cellular respiration.
  4. intracellular digestion.
Grade 10 Biomes
All of life on Earth exists in                .
  1. the biosphere
  2. ecology
  3. a biome
  4. an ecosystem
Grade 10 Biology
What does meiosis form?
  1. body cells and sex cells of eukaryotes
  2. only sex cells of eukaryotes
  3. body cells and sex cell of prokaryotes
  4. only sex cells of prokaryotes
Grade 10 Biomes
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