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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Biology Questions

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Grade 9 :: Evolution by PMISIAS
How can temporal isolation lead to speciation?
  1. If two populations do not like each other, this may lead to the formation of a separate species
  2. If two populations reproduce in different ways, this may lead them to become separate species
  3. If two populations are separated by a geographic barrier, this will cause them to reproduce with other members of their own species which may them to become separate species
  4. If two populations reproduce at different times, they are unlikely to reproduce with each other which may cause them to become separate species
Grade 9 :: Evolution by PMISIAS
One of Charles Darwin's most commonly known species that he observed and studies while on the Galapagos Islands were Finches. How did these finches arrive in the Galapagos Islands?
  1. They were left there by previous travelers
  2. They spontaneously generated once food sources were available
  3. They flew, or were blown, from South America
  4. Darwin brought them with him from other places he visited before
Grade 9 :: Genetics by PMISIAS
Two main sources of genetic variation are
  1. immigration and allele frequencies
  2. genetic shuffling and immigration
  3. mutations and immigration
  4. mutations and genetic shuffling
Grade 9 :: Ecology by der1228
Organisms that make their own food with sunlight or chemical energy are called
  1. producers
  2. consumers
  3. decomposers
  4. scavengers
Grade 9 :: Skin Skeleton and Muscles by Junelaw
Which of the following contacts the distal end of the humerus?
  1. Proximal Tibia
  2. Proximal Fibula
  3. Distal Scapula
  4. Proximal Radius
Grade 9 :: Evolution by outom964
Which scientific theory did Charles Darwin shape?
  1. circumnavigation
  2. cell theory
  3. theory of evolution
  4. climate change theory
Grade 9 :: Genetics by PMISIAS
What does "2pq" represent in the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium?
  1. Homozygous dominant individuals
  2. Heterozygous individuals
  3. Homozygous recessive individuals
  4. Total amount of individuals in a population
Grade 9 :: Genetics by PMISIAS
Polygenic traits are
  1. controlled by two or more genes
  2. controlled by one gene
  3. controlled by polygons
  4. controlled by at least 3 genes
Grade 9 :: Ecology by PMISIAS
Which of the following scenarios best defines the concept of carrying capacity?
  1. The exponential growth of a fruit fly population continues to increase and will eventually double in 10 days
  2. The exponential growth of ants increases dramatically when its' competitor species is forced to move to due habitat loss
  3. The logistic growth of a giraffe population continues to decline due to the increase in number of predators
  4. The logistic growth of a bunny population has stabilized because the population has reached the largest numbers of bunnies that area can support
Grade 9 :: Biochemistry by clperez
The bodies ability to stay neutral
  1. metabolism
  2. homeostasis
Grade 9 :: Biochemistry by clperez
The sum of all chemical reactions in the body
  1. metabolism
  2. homeostasis
Grade 9 :: Genetics by wellserin1
The science of heredity is known as:
  1. physics
  2. enzymes
  3. genetics
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