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Kindergarten Biology Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Kindergarten Biology questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Kindergarten Zoology
Are mammals cold blooded or warm blooded?
  1. cold blooded
  2. warm blooded
Kindergarten Development and Reproduction
A "life cycle" is what?
  1. How plants keep growing taller.
  2. How plants die.
  3. How life repeats itself.
  4. How plants live together.
Kindergarten Biology
Choose the living things.
  1. flower
  2. car
  3. boy
  4. house
  5. floor
Kindergarten Zoology
Kindergarten Biology
Pick 3 features of living things.
  1. They need food.
  2. They can talk.
  3. They can move.
  4. They can reproduce (have babies).
Kindergarten Zoology
Kindergarten Botany
Plants need                    to live.
  1. water and sunlight
  2. air and water
  3. food and drink
Kindergarten Zoology
Kindergarten Zoology
Kindergarten Zoology
Kindergarten Food Chains and Webs
Kindergarten Botany
Kindergarten Adaptations and Behavior
Which do mammals have?
  1. fur
  2. feathers
  3. scales
Kindergarten Biology
Choose the item that is living.
  1. cat
  2. river
  3. log
  4. music
Kindergarten Food Chains and Webs
The table shows what types of food three kinds of animals eat.

AnimalEat PlantsEat Animals

Which best describes what lions, skunks, and cows eat?
  1. Lions, skunks, and cows all eat plants.
  2. Lions, skunks, and cows all eat other animals.
  3. Lions, skunks, and cows all eat both plants and animals.
  4. Lions, skunks, and cows all eat different kinds of food.
Kindergarten Botany
Which two things does a plant need to live and grow?
Pictograph - Grass
  1. water and light
  2. light and animals
  3. animals and water
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