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Character Study Questions - All Grades

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Grade 4 Character Study
When Johnnie left church, he thought
  1. the mice were cute.
  2. no one had seen what happened.
  3. his grandma was going to scold him.
  4. he couldn't wait to eat Thanksgiving dinner.
Grade 4 Character Study
What was Johnnie most worried about during the service?
  1. the rumbling of his tummy
  2. the mice skittering across the floor
  3. getting caught eating the pink cakes
  4. falling asleep next to his grandmother
Grade 4 Character Study
How did Johnnie feel about going to church?
  1. He didn't like to go.
  2. He liked to see his friends.
  3. He wished he could sleep all day.
  4. He only went to see his grandmother.
Grade 12 Character Study
Grade 8 Character Study
What is it called when a reader has to infer what the character is like based on what he says, thinks, or does?
  1. direct characterization
  2. indirect characterization
  3. the author's message
  4. point of view
Grade 7 Character Study
Which choice describes a dynamic character?
  1. doesn't change
  2. changes physically
  3. changes personality
  4. plays a main role in the story
Grade 7 Character Study
In direct characterization
  1. the writer describes the character.
  2. the writer reveals the character through STEAL.
  3. the writer doesn't care how you learn about the character.
Grade 5 Character Study

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Why did Hillary Clinton move to Arkansas?
  1. because she liked the state
  2. because she married Bill Clinton
  3. because she wanted to be First Lady
  4. because she got a job in a well-known law firm
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