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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Chemistry Questions

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Grade 8 Biochemical Pathways
What is the process where cells obtain energy from sugar molecules?
  1. biotic
  2. nitrogen cycle
  3. respiration
  4. food chains
Grade 8 Acids and Bases
The table shows the pH of four substances.
pH Values
Orange Juice4.0

Which lists the substances from least to most acidic?
  1. ammonia, blood, milk, orange juice
  2. orange juice, milk, blood, ammonia
  3. ammonia, milk, blood, orange juice
  4. orange juice, blood, milk, ammonia
Grade 8 Properties of Matter
Grade 8 Biochemical Pathways
What are the products of photosynthesis?
  1. water (H2O) and glucose (C6H12O6)
  2. glucose (C6H12O6) and carbon dioxide (CO2)
  3. carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O)
  4. glucose (C6H12O6) and oxygen (O2)
Grade 8 Biochemical Pathways
Which of the following is TRUE statement about cellular respiration?
  1. Cellular respiration converts energy directly from the sun into energy stored in chemical bonds
  2. Cellular respiration cannot occur without sunlight
  3. Cellular respiration occurs in plant cells and in animal cells
  4. Cellular respiration is not a cycle with photosynthesis
Grade 8 Properties of Matter
Grade 8 Reactions
What law says that nothing can be created or destroyed in a reaction?
  1. The Law of Physics
  2. The Law of Conservation and Mass
  3. The Law of Chemistry
  4. The Law of Conserving Chemical Reactions
Grade 8 Properties of Matter
Grade 8 Periodic Table and Elements
Grade 8 Properties of Matter
States of matter are determined by....
  1. light
  2. breaking
  3. plasma
  4. temperature
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