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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Context Clues Questions

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Grade 7 :: Context Clues by Pixley12
My father is a person who studies the way people lived in the past.

Which sentence best describes my father?
  1. My father is an actor
  2. My father is a passenger
  3. My father is a doctor
  4. My father is an archaeologist
Grade 7 :: Context Clues by Pixley12
Which definition best describes civilization?
  1. a group of people who have moved to a new place
  2. the culture of a specific place, time, or group of people
  3. the amount of people living in an area
  4. a person that moves from place to place
Grade 7 :: Context Clues by Pixley12
This morning my brother and I discovered a dog's skeleton in our back yard.

Which sentence best goes with the sentence above?
  1. We found the set of bones of an animal
  2. We found tools from long ago
  3. We found a treasure in our back yard
  4. We found pieces of clothing
Grade 7 :: Context Clues by Pixley12
When I went to Hollywood I saw a famous movie star.

You could tell from the sentence above that "famous" means:
  1. very shy
  2. very dangerous
  3. very excited
  4. very well-known
Grade 7 :: Context Clues by Jcutler31
Which of the following statements best shows that I would recommend my car mechanic's services to a friend?
  1. I had to bring my car back to be fixed again and again
  2. I had to wait a long time for my car to be fixed
  3. I was very happy with the service and the price
  4. I found it difficult to get an appointment to get my car fixed
Grade 7 :: Context Clues by Jcutler31
Which of the following statements means the same as "There are many sharp things projecting out of the floor?"
  1. There is a lot of dirt and debris underneath the carpet
  2. There are nails sticking out of the floor
  3. There is a low-hanging lantern
  4. There is a lot of furniture in the room
Grade 7 :: Context Clues by Jcutler31
An appropriate statement that would be made by a patriot of the U.S. would be:
  1. I do not like the U.S.
  2. I love being a citizen of Germany
  3. I am very proud to be an American
  4. I would do anything to help the U.S.
  5. C and D are both correct
Grade 7 :: Context Clues by kspm22
  1. edible sea snails
  2. another name for an octopus
  3. a group of people native to the Aleutian Islands, near Alaska
  4. slackers
Grade 7 :: Context Clues by Pixley12
The school president was a dependable leader. She was always there when you needed her.
What does the word dependable mean?
  1. To not depend on
  2. To depend again
  3. Someone who studies depend
  4. The ability to depend on
Grade 7 :: Context Clues by Pixley12
What does the word frustration mean?
  1. ready to be frustrated
  2. unable to become frustrated
  3. without frustration
  4. the act of being frustrated
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