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Context Clues Questions - All Grades

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Grade 2 :: Context Clues by lbchris
She will invite you to her birthday party.
In the sentence, the word invite means                                 .
  1. To send you away.
  2. To beg you to stay.
  3. To ask you to come to the party.
  4. To move to another place.
Grade 8 :: Context Clues by Pixley12
The teacher said that her student understood everything she taught right away. The student was just like a sponge.
The saying, "just like a sponge" means.......
  1. intelligent, absorbs everything
  2. looks like SpongeBob
  3. not intelligent, sponges are just things
  4. none of the above
Grade 2 :: Context Clues by lbchris
The witch cast a spell on the princess.
In the sentence, the word spell means                                .
  1. To say the letters in a word.
  2. Words that have magical powers.
  3. A fit of anger.
  4. A small amount of time.
Grade 2 :: Context Clues by lbchris
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