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Context Clues Questions - All Grades

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The Context Clues questions below are in the following grade levels: Kindergarten
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Grade 2 :: Context Clues by lbchris
She will invite you to her birthday party.
In the sentence, the word invite means                                 .
  1. To send you away.
  2. To beg you to stay.
  3. To ask you to come to the party.
  4. To move to another place.
Grade 2 :: Context Clues by lbchris
The witch cast a spell on the princess.
In the sentence, the word spell means                                .
  1. To say the letters in a word.
  2. Words that have magical powers.
  3. A fit of anger.
  4. A small amount of time.
Grade 6 :: Context Clues by shelbylyn
Grade 6 :: Context Clues by shelbylyn
Speaking rudely to the judges was rash behavior. You really hurt your chances of winning!

In the above context, what does "rash" mean?
  1. an itchy skin condition
  2. funny
  3. trying to hide or disguise a piece of cheese
  4. with little thought or consideration
Grade 7 :: Context Clues by Pixley12
My father is a person who studies the way people lived in the past.

Which sentence best describes my father?
  1. My father is an actor
  2. My father is a passenger
  3. My father is a doctor
  4. My father is an archaeologist
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