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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Earth Science Questions

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Grade 4 :: Rocks by emjay011
The never-ending process by which rocks change from one form to another is
  1. a type of life cycle.
  2. the rock cycle.
  3. the cooling of magma.
  4. the relative age of a rock.
Grade 4 :: Geomorphology by Mikemasloski
What causes water in the cracks of a rock to break the rock apart?
  1. The water changes to a vapor.
  2. The wind erodes the rock.
  3. The wind causes the rock to fall.
  4. The water changes to ice and expands.
Grade 4 :: Atmosphere by lupinibean
Grade 4 :: Rocks by lorengo
Grade 4 :: Geomorphology by Lizzy_cypher
A delta forming at the mouth of a river is an example of:
  1. Weathering
  2. Erosion
  3. Deposition
  4. Glaciers
Grade 4 :: Rocks by lorengo
Grade 4 :: Rocks by lorengo
Grade 4 :: Rocks by AlexWhite
What is the result of magma cooling and hardening?
  1. Paleontologist
  2. Sedimentary Rock
  3. Igneous Rock
  4. Metamorphic Rock
Grade 4 :: Rocks by lorengo
Igneous rocks can form:
  1. on Earth's Surface
  2. below Earth's Surface
  3. a and b
Grade 4 :: Geomorphology by Mikemasloski
Which of the following would be considered a rapid change to the Earth's crust?
  1. creating fossils
  2. landslides
  3. forming canyons
  4. forming mountains
Grade 4 :: Rocks by lupinibean
Rocks are broken down by changing the chemical makeup of the minerals through
  1. physical weathering.
  2. erosion.
  3. chemical weathering.
  4. deposition.
Grade 4 :: Geomorphology by emjay011
Grade 4 :: Geomorphology by Debbiehagood
A thunderstorm brought a downpour of rain. The next day there was a new ditch on the playground. What is the most reasonable conclusion?
  1. Water runoff from the storm eroded the soil.
  2. Lightening in the storm broke open the earth.
  3. An earthquake took place around the same time as the storm.
  4. Wind from the storm removed a layer of top soil.
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