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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Earth Science Questions

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Grade 6 :: Environmental Science by Qalam
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by alyciat12
Moisture that falls to the ground is:
  1. condensation.
  2. precipitation.
  3. evaporation.
  4. clouds.
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by alyciat12
Where does the energy that powers the water cycle come from?
  1. plants
  2. animals
  3. electrical outlets
  4. the sun
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by nikkib76
The amount of water vapor held in the air is
  1. rain
  2. humidity
  3. air pressure
  4. clouds
Grade 6 :: Earth's Layers by LBeth
The diagram below shows the layers of the Earth.

Layers Of The Earth

Which of the following best describes layer B?
  1. solid rock
  2. solid metal
  3. liquid and solid rock
  4. liquid and solid metal
Grade 6 :: Environmental Science by Qalam
What is the reason that solar energy is not a primary source of energy for generating electricity?
  1. It generates toxic waste products.
  2. The necessary technology has not yet been developed.
  3. It is a nonrenewable resource.
  4. It is too expensive
Grade 6 :: Tectonics by murray1901
What do geologists call the earth's crust and upper mantle?
  1. athenosphere
  2. lithosphere
  3. mesosphere
  4. atmosphere
Grade 6 :: Tectonics by murray1901
The theory of plate movement and how the continents moved apart over time is called.
  1. continental rift
  2. plate dynamics
  3. continental boundaries
  4. plate tectonics
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by Qalam
What protects Earth from ultraviolet radiation?
  1. space between Earth and the Sun
  2. the carbon dioxide layer
  3. the ozone layer
  4. the asteroid belt
Grade 6 :: Earth Science by Ansleigh_Williams
Which includes the study of rocks, fossils, and climate?
  1. life science
  2. Earth science
  3. physical science
  4. chemical science
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by lourdes_rivera
The two main factors to describe a region's climate are:
  1. temperature and precipitation
  2. precipitation and weather
  3. season and temperature
  4. winds and temperature
Grade 6 :: Geomorphology by lynnette97
One way the atmosphere shapes Earth's surface is by
  1. winds
  2. floods
  3. earthquakes
  4. tunnels
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by Qalam
Which of these best describes climate rather than weather?
  1. Wind speed is changing as a storm moves through an area.
  2. The temperature is decreasing in a slow-moving cold front
  3. Annual high temperatures in the summer have increased over many decades
  4. The rainfall during one year was greater than the rainfall during the following year.
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by outom964
A warm front often brings
  1. cirrus clouds
  2. fair conditions
  3. cool weather
  4. steady rain
Grade 6 :: Oceanography and Hydrology by ksiegel
What is the type of water vapor that comes from plants?
  1. transportation
  2. hibernation
  3. transpiration
  4. condensation
Grade 6 :: Tectonics by doliver701
Which of these is not a type of Boundary between plates
  1. Transform
  2. Divergent
  3. Convergent
  4. Radial
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