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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Earth Science Questions

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Grade 6 :: Environmental Science by Qalam
Grade 6 :: Earth's Layers by LBeth
The diagram below shows the layers of the Earth.

Layers Of The Earth

Which of the following best describes layer B?
  1. solid rock
  2. solid metal
  3. liquid and solid rock
  4. liquid and solid metal
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by jacksonjn
Grade 6 :: Oceanography and Hydrology by jacksonjn
Grade 6 :: Oceanography and Hydrology by jacksonjn
Evaporation is
  1. when warm air condenses on a cold glass.
  2. when plants give off water vapor.
  3. when water is stored in the ground.
  4. when water heats and turns into water vapor.
Grade 6 :: Earth's Layers by bncompton
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by alyciat12
Moisture that falls to the ground is:
  1. condensation.
  2. precipitation.
  3. evaporation.
  4. clouds.
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