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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Earth Science Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 9 Earth Science questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 9 Environmental Science
The ultimate energy source for the Earth is:
  1. The Sun
  2. Electricity
  3. Natural Gas
  4. Coal
Grade 9 Environmental Science
Grade 9 Volcanoes
The Ring of Fire refers to
  1. an active erupting volcano.
  2. the volcanoes surrounding the Pacific Ocean.
  3. the spreading that takes place on the ocean floor.
  4. the land once known as Pangaea.
Grade 9 Environmental Science
Some rivers and lakes near large farms are heavily polluted. What is the most likely reason for this?
  1. excessive use of fertilizers on farms
  2. decaying animal carcasses
  3. trash dumping into rivers
Grade 9 Environmental Science
Nearly 70% of the energy used by the United States comes from
  1. fossil fuels
  2. solar power
  3. geothermal power
  4. hydroelectric power
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Clouds are made of billions of
  1. elements
  2. types of gases
  3. tiny water droplets
Grade 9 Volcanoes
Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii would be classified as which type of volcano?
  1. shield volcano
  2. cinder cone
  3. composite volcano
  4. super volcano
Grade 9 Minerals
A mineral CANNOT be
  1. solid.
  2. formed from once-living material.
  3. naturally occurring.
  4. light in color.
Grade 9 Rocks
Sediment                     into sedimentary rock.
  1. Compacts or cements
  2. Morphs
  3. Melts
  4. Crystallizes
Grade 9 Volcanoes
Which is typically the largest type of volcano?
  1. shield
  2. composite
  3. cinder cone
  4. fissure
Grade 9 Volcanoes
Of the following, where would the volcano shown be most likely to develop?
Volcano - Fissure Vent - Small
  1. transform fault
  2. subduction zone
  3. mantle hot spot
  4. mid-ocean ridge
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