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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Earth Science Questions

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Grade 9 :: Tectonics by McBobbo
The geographic rearranging of the continents on the earth's surface due to plate tectonics is known as what?
  1. Pangea
  2. Continental tectonics
  3. Continental Drift
  4. Inter continental landmass deviation
Grade 9 :: Atmosphere by McBobbo
About 2.7 billion years ago, the Earth's atmosphere was changed by an accumulation of large amounts of oxygen. What caused this change?
  1. Geothermal activity heated the water, evaporating the oxygen held inside of the water molecules and sending it into the atmosphere.
  2. Plant life arose, turning the present carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into oxygen.
  3. Prokaryotes arose and used photosynthesis to split water molecules, releasing large quantities of oxygen into the atmosphere
  4. Lighter gasses in the atmosphere shifted to higher altitudes, leaving heavier gasses, such as oxygen, to sink deeper into the atmosphere, creating a more oxygen dense environment.
Grade 9 :: Geomorphology by MariaHarrington
Volcanoes formed by successive explosive eruptions
  1. composite
  2. shield
  3. cinder cone
  4. shield cone
Grade 9 :: Geomorphology by MariaHarrington
A caldera is
  1. a crater
  2. a crater on top of a volcano
  3. a crater filled with water
  4. an empty crater
Grade 9 :: Geomorphology by CaryBloomquist
A glacier will retreat if
  1. more ice accumulates than melts.
  2. it gains ice at the same rate that ice melts.
  3. more ice melts than accumulates.
  4. the ice melts slower than it accumulates.
Grade 9 :: Tectonics by CaryBloomquist
What is a fault?
  1. the point inside Earth at which an earthquake occurs
  2. the point on Earth's surface directly above the earthquake focus
  3. a fracture in Earth along which movement has occurred
  4. a fracture in Earth along which NO movement has occurred
Grade 9 :: Environmental Science by MariaHarrington
Quarries are
  1. big underground mines
  2. small open-pit mines
  3. mines where dynamite is used
  4. mines where water is used
Grade 9 :: Environmental Science by MariaHarrington
Grade 9 :: Environmental Science by MariaHarrington
A renewable resource made of a mixture of minerals, organic matter, water, air, and live organisms.
  1. mineral base resource
  2. nonmineral base resource
  3. crushed stone
  4. soil
Grade 9 :: Environmental Science by MariaHarrington
Natural gas is a
  1. Kerogen
  2. Methane
  3. Renewable resource
  4. Nonrenewable resource
Grade 9 :: Environmental Science by MariaHarrington
Peat is
  1. lignite formed by compaction
  2. a renewable resource used as fertilizer
  3. a tropical plant fossil
  4. lightly compressed mass of plant remains
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