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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Earth Science Questions

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Grade 9 :: Geomorphology by CaryBloomquist
A glacier will retreat if
  1. more ice accumulates than melts.
  2. it gains ice at the same rate that ice melts.
  3. more ice melts than accumulates.
  4. the ice melts slower than it accumulates.
Grade 9 :: Tectonics by CaryBloomquist
What is a fault?
  1. the point inside Earth at which an earthquake occurs
  2. the point on Earth's surface directly above the earthquake focus
  3. a fracture in Earth along which movement has occurred
  4. a fracture in Earth along which NO movement has occurred
Grade 9 :: Earth Science by lisamarie137
Define earth science.
  1. study of living organisms
  2. study of earth and space
  3. study of the stars
  4. study of matter and energy
Grade 9 :: Tectonics by CaryBloomquist
What force ultimately drives plate motion in the theory of plate tectonics?
  1. the sun's energy
  2. ridge-push
  3. slab-pull
  4. unequal distribution of heat within Earth
Grade 9 :: Atmosphere by CaryBloomquist
What process puts water vapor into the atmosphere?
  1. evaporation
  2. precipitation
  3. infiltration
  4. runoff
Grade 9 :: Oceanography and Hydrology by cno243
Grade 9 :: Minerals by KorinaBierman
To which mineral group does olivine [math](Fe_2SiO_4)[/math] belong?
  1. Oxides
  2. Halides
  3. Sulfides of Sulfates
  4. Silicates
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