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Ethics Questions - All Grades

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Grade 8 :: Ethics by MichelleHawkins
A co-worker in the next cubicle has a habit of spending a lot of making loud and distracting personal phone calls about things that are obviously trivial. Would you:
  1. Ask the person to keep the volume at a reasonable level.
  2. Focus on your own work.
  3. Talk with the person about why it's in everyone's interest to limit personal phone calls.
Continuing Education :: Ethics by carolbrown
When looking for a job,how much influence is placed on the appearance of the individual?
  1. not a lot
  2. very little
  3. most important
  4. they do not judge you by appearance but by skills
Grade 8 :: Ethics by MichelleHawkins
You work at McDonalds as a cashier. Another employee is blamed for your error involving significant dollars. You know that the employee will eventually be able to clear himself, but it will be impossible to trace the error back to you. What should you do?
  1. Do nothing. The employee will be able to clear himself.
  2. Own up to the error immediately.
  3. Help the employee to resolve the error without mentioning your involvement.
  4. Wait and see if the matter is investigated, then admit your mistake.
Continuing Education :: Ethics by carolbrown
                 What is the best choice of time to appear for an interview?
  1. 10 minutes late
  2. 10 minutes early
  3. 30 minutes late
  4. 30 minutes early
Grade 8 :: Ethics by MichelleHawkins
Mark figured out his teacher's password to unlock her electronic gradebook. What is the ethically correct thing for him to do?
  1. Tell the teacher so she may change it.
  2. Give the password to all the other students.
  3. Use the password to change his grades.
Grade 8 :: Ethics by MichelleHawkins
Amy saw a copy of a major computer test on the teacher's monitor while she was speaking with another student. What should Amy do?
  1. Tell her classmates about the test items she saw.
  2. Tell her teacher she saw a copy of the test.
Grade 8 :: Ethics by MichelleHawkins
Marcy did not finish her keyboarding assignment on time, so she retrieved Jonathan's file, typed her name, printed it, and turned it in as her own work. What ethical principles did Marcy disregard?
  1. Accessing a file without permission and claiming it as her own.
  2. Printing a file.
  3. None - Marcy's behavior is acceptable because she ran out of time.
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