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Third Grade (Grade 3) Heat Questions

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Grade 3 :: Heat by misslahl
Scientists use this unit to measure temperature:
  1. Fahrenheit
  2. Celsius
  3. Thermometer
Grade 3 :: Heat by Arielle85
What happens to the particles in a solid when you heat the solid?
  1. They melt.
  2. They speed up.
  3. They slow down.
  4. They turn on a fan.
Grade 3 :: Heat by luv2bhapy2
In which direction is heat transferred?
  1. cold to hot
  2. hot to cold
  3. both directions
  4. it never changes
Grade 3 :: Heat by luv2bhapy2
Thermal energy makes things colder.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 3 :: Heat by Ureesha
Which is the best insulator?
  1. wood
  2. iron
  3. copper
  4. silver
Grade 3 :: Heat by Ureesha
Which of the following is a source of thermal energy?
  1. a thermostat
  2. the sun
  3. a thermometer
  4. a cooler
Grade 3 :: Heat by Ureesha
Lora left an ice cube in a cup on the picnic table on a sunny day. What so you expect to happen over the next hour?
  1. The ice cube will become bigger
  2. The ice cube will melt
  3. The ice cube will evaporate
  4. None of the above
Grade 3 :: Heat by SMulloy
the temperature at which a gas becomes a liquid
  1. boiling point
  2. condensation point
  3. freezing point
  4. sublimation
Grade 3 :: Heat by Ureesha
When you rub your hands together very quickly, it produces heat and is called
  1. force
  2. temperature
  3. friction
  4. gravity
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