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None Journalism Questions

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None Journalism
What is an editorial topic comment?
  1. The comment where the editor includes personal information.
  2. It presents opinions or ideas about topics that are currently of special interest and have strong personal impact upon the reader.
  3. Columns that are humorous.
  4. A column that has a weak impact on the reader.
  5. A column that has no impact at all on the reader.
None Journalism
What are personal reflections?
  1. Columns that are humorous.
  2. A column that have no humor in it at all.
None Journalism
None Journalism
None Journalism
None Journalism
What is the purpose of a back-up quote?
  1. to support the lead immediately
  2. to reinforce the writer's opinion
  3. to make a story more authentic
  4. to lengthen a story that is too brief
None Journalism
What is the body of a news story?
  1. everything up to the final paragraph
  2. everything after the lead
  3. the most important facts
  4. the opening paragraph
None Journalism
None Journalism
The approach a writer takes in a story to give it a focus
  1. lead
  2. catch phrase
  3. angle
  4. attention getter
None Journalism
None Journalism
The name of a writer of a story
  1. writer
  2. byline
  3. copy
  4. caption
None Journalism
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