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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Literature Questions

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Grade 5 :: The BFG by jkachner
Why did the Queen call the King of Sweden?
  1. To warn them about the giants.
  2. To get help capturing the giants.
  3. To see if the story the BFG told her was true.
  4. To aks them about their dreams.
Grade 5 :: The Book that Saved the Earth by nstrobel
Grade 5 :: Bridge to Terabithia by kisutte
What did Leslie and Jesse do to get back at Janice Avery?
  1. They told the principal that Janice was smoking in the bathroom.
  2. They told Janice's mom that she was picking on students.
  3. They took her lunch money.
  4. They wrote a fake love letter to her from a boy she liked.
Grade 5 :: Bridge to Terabithia by kisutte
Why did Leslie and Jesse decide to develop a plan against Janice Avery?
  1. They did not like her.
  2. Leslie and Jesse were always pulling pranks.
  3. Janice Avery took Mae Bell's Twinkies.
  4. Leslie thought Janice liked Jesse.
Grade 5 :: Harry Potter by ark32498
Grade 5 :: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by davidemrich
What was the "Deeper Magic" before the dawn of time in Narnia?
  1. The power to turn creatures into stone.
  2. Death could be conquered by an innocent victim who substituted himself for a traitor.
  3. The witch has the right to kill every traitor.
  4. The mysterious inscription on the scepter of the Emperor-Beyond-the-Sea
  5. The crime of treachery must be appeased by the blood of the traitor.
Grade 5 :: Aesop by jpreading
The moral of this story is slow and steady wins the race:
  1. Snow White
  2. Johnny Appleseed
  3. Zeus
  4. The Tortoise and the Hare
Grade 5 :: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by BookReader212
Grade 5 :: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by Perryman1
What happened to Edmund while with the beaver family?
  1. He ran into the robin and went a different way and the home.
  2. Edmund got lost on the way to the beavers' home.
  3. Edmund was caught by the White Witch and forced to tell her.
  4. Edmund went back to the White Witch to report on them.
Grade 5 :: Because of Winn-Dixie by Val3xmom
Grade 5 :: Bridge to Terabithia by BookReader212
To honor Leslie and her sense of magic, Jess decides to:
  1. make a funeral wreath
  2. paint a scene of Terabithia with the paints she gave him
  3. take the puppy to the grove of the spirits
  4. paint the gold room over with a shade of blue
Grade 5 :: African-American Literature by szeiger
Grade 5 :: Bridge to Terabithia by BookReader212
What does Jess do to get back at Janice for stealing his sister's Twinkies?
  1. He steals Janice's Twinkies the next day.
  2. He beats her up like any good older brother would do.
  3. He ignores his younger sister's pleas to beat her up because he will get kicked out of school if he does.
  4. He writes a false love letter from the 7th grade heartthrob and sticks it in her desk.
  5. He teases her about being overweight in front of the whole bus
Grade 5 :: Bridge to Terabithia by BookReader212
When Leslie states "It is worthy to be in a palace" she is talking about:
  1. The secret palace of Terabithia that her and Jess created
  2. The living room her family just painted gold.
  3. A time when her family went on vacation to England and toured an old Prince's castle
  4. When she is trying to comfort her puppy, "the Prince" to go back into his cage
Grade 5 :: Children's Literature by szeiger
What is a Hooverville?
  1. A type of jazz club
  2. A place where homeless people stay
  3. A town named for President Herbert Hoover
  4. A store selling Hoover vacuum cleaners
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