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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Minerals Questions

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Grade 8 Minerals
How mineral reflects light
  1. Streak
  2. Luster
  3. Color
  4. Fluorescence
Grade 8 Minerals
Grade 8 Minerals
All the following are correct regarding minerals except
  1. must be inorganic
  2. definite volume
  3. shape repeating pattern
  4. formed by nature in a natural process
  5. definite chemical composition
  6. all minerals are compounds
Grade 8 Minerals
The way a mineral breaks apart in an irregular way
  1. Mineral
  2. Cleavage
  3. Crystal
  4. Fracture
Grade 8 Minerals
Grade 8 Minerals
Mineral salts are more properly called
  1. halides
  2. oxides
  3. salt tides
  4. silicates
Grade 8 Minerals
You pick up a mineral sample in your hand. It feels heavy compared to most other mineral samples. Which statement best describes your mineral sample?
  1. is has a low specific gravity
  2. it has a high specific gravity
  3. it has a hardness less than 5
  4. it has a hardness greater than 5
Grade 8 Minerals

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Grade 8 Minerals

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Which of these minerals is hardest?
  1. topaz
  2. quartz
  3. calcite
  4. apatite
Grade 8 Minerals
In geology, the term crystal refers to
  1. any clear, sparkly substance
  2. minerals with a random arrangement of atoms that causes light interference and sparkle
  3. minerals with an orderly arrangement of atoms with or without sparkle
  4. clear volcanic glass that is faceted naturally
Grade 8 Minerals
Grade 8 Minerals
The table shows Mohs Hardness Scale.
Mohs Scale

Based on the table, which statement is true?
  1. corundum will scratch diamond
  2. quartz will scratch corundum
  3. calcite will scratch orthoclase
  4. orthoclase will scratch fluorite
Grade 8 Minerals
What is the hardest mineral in the world?
  1. Sulfur
  2. Graphite
  3. Talc
  4. Diamond
Grade 8 Minerals
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