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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Physics Questions

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Grade 9 :: Waves and Sound by erinferrari
Grade 9 :: Waves and Sound by erinferrari
Grade 9 :: Simple Machines by jlovering
How much work would be required to lift a 25 kg object to a height of 20 meters?
  1. 500 Joules
  2. 1.25 Joules
  3. 245 Newtons
  4. 1.25 Newtons
  5. 4900 Joules
Grade 9 :: Simple Machines by jlovering
To increase the DISTANCE that a machine moves a load, you should:
  1. increase the MA
  2. decrease the MA
  3. make the MA 1
  4. Decrease the efficiency
  5. you can't change distance, only force
Grade 9 :: Simple Machines by jlovering
Abigail plunges a knife into a melon. She calculates that she did 60 Joules of work on the knife, but the knife only did 46 Joules of work on the melon. What best explains the difference?
  1. The knife reduced the force she applied to the knife
  2. Some of her mechanical energy was converted to other types of energy including waste heat instead of work
  3. She did her work on the melon, not the knife.
  4. The knife is not a simple machine, so it doesn't transfer work
  5. Her kinetic energy in the knife became potential energy in the melon.
Grade 9 :: Matter by JVance
This is the basic unit of matter.
  1. photon
  2. atom
  3. molecule
  4. compound
Grade 9 :: Simple Machines by jlovering
Which of the following machines ALWAYS increases your force?
  1. class 2 lever
  2. class 3 lever
  3. wheel and axle
  4. pulley
  5. no machine can increase your force
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