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Physics Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Physics questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 6 Heat Transfer
Warm air rises.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 5 Light and Optics
                  can be separated into a rainbow of colors.
  1. White Light
  2. Ultraviolet Light
  3. Polarized Light
  4. Fluorescent Light
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
The movement of electric charges is?
  1. sound energy
  2. open circuit
  3. light energy
  4. electric energy
Grade 5 Energy and Momentum
An example of potential energy is
  1. a ball rolling down a hill
  2. a Ferris wheel turning
  3. a rock sitting on top of a hill
  4. an apple falling from a tree
Grade 5 Energy and Momentum
When you clap your hands together really hard, what two kinds of energy do you create?
  1. Heat and Sound
  2. Light and Sound
  3. Mechanical and Sound
  4. Heat and Mechanical
Grade 6 Heat Transfer
Thermal insulator is a material that
  1. moves heat easily through the material.
  2. reduces or prevents the transfer of heat.
  3. is flammable and can start fires.
  4. does not exist.
Grade 8 Simple Machines
Look at the image of the pulley. If bucket A has a mass of 5 kg, which of the following statements is true about the minimum effort force required to lift the bucket if friction is ignored?
Pulley System
  1. it would take 0 kg of effort to lift the bucket
  2. it would take 2.5 kg of effort to lift the bucket
  3. it would take 5 kg of effort to lift the bucket
  4. it would take 10 kg of effort to lift the bucket
Grade 5 Matter
Grade 7 Heat Transfer
Grade 3 Forces and Motion
What pulls things down to the ground?
  1. environment
  2. gravity
  3. matter
Grade 3 Matter
When you freeze water, what temperature is it in Celsius?
  1. 1 degree
  2. 5 degrees
  3. 100 degrees
  4. 0 degrees
Grade 5 Light and Optics
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
All magnets have a
  1. north and west pole
  2. north and south pole
  3. south and west pole
  4. south and east pole
Grade 7 Energy and Momentum
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