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Prefixes and Suffixes Questions - All Grades

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The Prefixes and Suffixes questions below are in the following grade levels:
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Grade 2 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by bwt56470
Grade 5 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by 02346Keeley_Lombardi
Something multicolored has many:
  1. crayons
  2. edges
  3. colors
  4. multiplication facts
Grade 5 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by ButterflyMimi
Grade 4 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by TamiKP
What are the base word and the suffix for the word REMARKABLE?
  1. remarkab and -le
  2. remarka and -ble
  3. remark and -able
  4. remarke and -able
Grade 4 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by TamiKP
What is the root word in the word OVERBORROWING?
  1. overborrowing
  2. over
  3. borrowing
  4. borrow
Grade 7 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by Pixley12
The rainbow looked so beautiful!

The word beautiful means:
  1. without beauty
  2. full of pain
  3. dark and gloomy
  4. full of beauty
Grade 5 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by amyhartford
Prefix: Fill in the meaning for each
bi=      two      
in=      not      
dis=                  not or opposite                  
pre=         before         
anti=          against          

Fill in the following fill in the blank questions with on of the following words:
biped, telephone, prescription, porter, lovable, careless, distracted

1.           careless           Doing something without caring

2.               prescription               directions prescribed beforehand.

3.        biped         having two feet

4.          lovable          having characteristics that attract love or affection

5.            telephone            electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts into sounds.

6.             distracted             having the attention diverted

7.         porter         someone who carries.

Root Words: Fill in the meaning for each
ped=       feet       
script=           to write           
therm=       heat       
tele=          distant          
care=                       concern or attention                       
port=           to carry           
tract=                  to draw or pull                  

Suffixes: Fill in the meaning for each
phone=        sound        
less=          without          
able=             capable of             
ed=             past tense             
er=          one who          
Grade 3 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by KimberlyDavila
Grade 5 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by szeiger
The prefix UN means not.
The word abridge means to shorten.
The word unabridged most likely means...
  1. A shorter version of a story
  2. A full version of a story
  3. A new version of a story
  4. An old version of a story
Grade 3 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by ladykountz
In the word unhappy, we know the prefix un- means...
  1. not happy
  2. happy
  3. full of happiness
  4. sorry
Grade 6 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by Debbie102380
The prefix sub- means?
  1. above
  2. below
  3. on top
Grade 9 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by cornels
The Latin suffix -esque, means "               ."
  1. a perfect copy
  2. the same idea
  3. in the style of
  4. in the end
Grade 4 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by TamiKP
Atrivia studied the moon through the telescope.

Based upon the affix in the word telescope in the sentence below, a reader may conclude that this instrument is a...
  1. device used to take photographs
  2. device for making small objects appear larger
  3. device for making faraway objects appear larger
  4. device worn on the head to make eyesight clearer
Grade 5 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by 02346Keeley_Lombardi
If you postdate something, you give it:
  1. a poster
  2. flowers
  3. a quick glance
  4. a date later than the true date
Grade 6 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by angie14
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