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Third Grade (Grade 3) Reading Strategies Questions

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Grade 3 :: Main Idea by Jille
The main idea of a story tells us                               .
  1. who is the main character.
  2. what the story is mainly about.
  3. the details of the story.
  4. Nothing
Grade 3 :: Compare and Contrast by blangford
What does it mean to compare?
  1. Tell how something caused something else to happen.
  2. To tell how something is the same, similar, or different.
  3. To tell how something is the same, similar or alike.
  4. To tell how something is the same, unlike, or different.
Grade 3 :: Compare and Contrast by blangford
How do we compare and contrast events in a story?
  1. Decide how events are caused.
  2. Decide how things or events are alike and different.
  3. Decide when things happen in a story.
  4. Decide what the effect of an event was.
Grade 3 :: Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions by Karneen
Leah's mother ices the cake. She puts eight candles on the cake. After she sets the cake on the table, everyone sings to Leah. The lit candles make her face glow. Leah blows out the candles and smiles.

What can you infer about the situation above?
  1. Leah got a good grade on a test.
  2. It is Leah's mom's birthday.
  3. It is Leah's birthday.
  4. Leah's grandparents are visitiing.
Grade 3 :: Making Predictions by kbooth
Good readers make predictions as they read.
  1. True
  2. False
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