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Rocks Questions - All Grades

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Grade 3 Rocks
Soil is
  1. dirt and rocks
  2. a mixture of tiny rock particles, minerals, and decayed plant and animal materials.
  3. ground
Grade 3 Rocks
What kind of soil is most likely found in the desert?
  1. dark, damp soil
  2. dry, sandy soil
  3. sticky, red soil
  4. think, muddy soil
Grade 6 Rocks
Grade 6 Rocks
This type of rocks is formed in layers                 .
  1. Sedimentary Rocks
  2. Igneous Rocks
  3. Metamorphic Rocks
Grade 2 Rocks
Grade 4 Rocks
What are rocks made of?
  1. minerals
  2. seeds
  3. living things
  4. wood
Grade 3 Rocks
Which is the top layer of soil?
  1. topsoil
  2. subsoil
  3. bedrock
  4. humus
Grade 6 Rocks
Metamorphic rocks are formed
  1. when heat and pressure inside the earth change one kind of rock into another kind of rock
  2. when the earth comes to the surface, cools, and hardens
  3. when particles of matter are laid down in many layers and pressed together
Grade 4 Rocks
The cycle of old rocks turning into new rocks is called                     .
  1. the mineral cycle
  2. the sedimentary cycle
  3. the fossil cycle
  4. the rock cycle
Grade 2 Rocks
Grade 6 Rocks
In what type of rock can you sometimes find fossils?
  1. igneous
  2. sedimentary
  3. metamorphic
  4. lava
Grade 6 Rocks
Which are very fine particles of rocks?
  1. loam
  2. sand
  3. topsoil
  4. subsoil
  5. silt
  6. clay
  7. soil erosion
  8. soil pollution
Grade 6 Rocks
What is the largest rock called?
  1. Boulder
  2. Pebble
  3. Clay
Grade 6 Rocks
Humus is made up of:
  1. sand and silt
  2. rocks
  3. water
  4. dead plants and animals
Grade 6 Rocks
Why is humus an important part of soil?
  1. It contains nutrients which feed the plants
  2. It contains rocks which strengthen the soil
  3. It contains chemicals which fight disease
Grade 6 Rocks
Which type of soil contains humus?
  1. Bedrock
  2. Subsoil
  3. Topsoil
  4. All soils contain humus
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