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Science Questions - All Grades

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The Science questions below are in the following grade levels: Kindergarten
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Grade 3 :: Botany by lorenkayla
Grade 9 :: Biochemistry by PMISIAS
Cellular respiration is
  1. The process of breaking down chemical energy stored in bonds into energy that can be used by the cell
  2. The process of creating food for the cell
  3. The process of combining oxygen and water to produce another substance to be transported
  4. The process of making proteins
Grade 4 :: Ecology by DBenoit
The role of an organism within its environment
  1. factor
  2. ecosystem
  3. accommodation
  4. niche
Grade 9 :: Scientific Method by kurtman
Choose the answer that best displays the use of an independent and dependent variable.
  1. Frank sets the temperature of a room to 31 degrees Celsius. He will come back later to record the height of the petunias.
  2. Mike creates three different solutions. He pours each one on 3 different plants and will observe which one grows faster.
  3. Emily observes a change in color of a metal, she records the color in her data section.
  4. Daniel changes his data after realizing it does not align with his hypothesis. He adds extra information to his conclusion which he made up.
Grade 9 :: Cell Structure and Function by PMISIAS
A student views cells from several different prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms under a high-powered microscope. Which of the following statements describes how the prokaryotic cells appear different from the eukaryotic cells?
  1. The prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus
  2. The prokaryotic cell are much larger
  3. The prokaryotic cells have mitochondria
  4. The prokaryotic cells have a less distinct shape
Grade 7 :: Zoology by JeffreyLockett
Which of the following characteristics of living things best explains why birds fly south for the winter?
  1. living things reproduce
  2. living things maintain internal balance
  3. living things respond to their environment
  4. living things are based on a universal genetic code
Grade 8 :: Forces and Motion by ncarlson0923
Grade 3 :: Properties of Matter by lrajput
Grade 7 :: Scientific Method by Johnsonjoe
An educated guess.
  1. experiment
  2. hypothesis
  3. science
  4. radiation
Grade 9 :: Properties of Matter by lisamarie137
Define volume.
  1. the amount of space occupied by an object
  2. the measurement of the quantity of matter in an object
  3. the mass per unit volume of a material
  4. the mass per unit density of a material
Grade 7 :: Scientific Method by emc10755
Grade 9 :: Scientific Method by jlovering
Victoria grows the same bacteria in 20 petri dishes. She places 10 of the dishes in a container with a normal atmosphere. The remaining dishes she places in a container in which the oxygen level is double the normal level. She labels the first group "A" and the second group "B". Which of the following best describes the groups?
  1. Group A is the control group; Group B is the experimental group
  2. Group A is the experimental group; Group B is the control group
  3. Group A is the hypothesis; Group B is the theory
  4. Group A is the variable; Group B is the observation
Grade 8 :: Properties of Matter by csantana
Which of the following is a physical property of an element?
  1. color
  2. ability to rust
  3. ability to burn
  4. ability to tarnish
Grade 9 :: Properties of Matter by lisamarie137
What is the formula used to find the mass of an object?
  1. [math]M=DV[/math]
  2. [math]M=D/V[/math]
  3. [math]M=M/V[/math]
  4. [math]M=VM[/math]
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