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Science Fiction Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Science Fiction questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 8 Flowers for Algernon
Grade 10 Anthem
What does Equality 7-2521 research while in the tunnel?
  1. Electricity
  2. The human body
  3. Gravity
  4. Light
Grade 10 Anthem
What is the Unspeakable Word?
  1. Ego
  2. Individual
  3. I
  4. Anthem
Grade 10 Anthem
Grade 11 Fahrenheit 451
How did Montag escape the city?
  1. He followed the railroad tracks.
  2. He stole a car.
  3. He used Faber's identification.
  4. He floated down the river.
Grade 10 Anthem
How long ago was the candle supposedly invented?
  1. 100 years ago
  2. 50 years ago
  3. 200 years ago
  4. 150 years ago
Grade 7 A Wrinkle in Time
Grade 8 The Maze Runner
Grade 8 The Maze Runner
Who is the main character of the story?
  1. Alby
  2. James Dashner
  3. Thomas
  4. Newt
Grade 7 A Wrinkle in Time
What is Mrs. Murry's job?
  1. a scientist
  2. a doctor
  3. a college teacher
  4. a lawyer
Grade 7 A Wrinkle in Time
Where is Meg's bedroom?
  1. over the carport
  2. second floor
  3. basement
  4. attic
Grade 7 A Wrinkle in Time
Which of these is Meg's dog?
  1. Lassie
  2. Fortinbras
  3. Kilsworth
  4. Underhanker
Grade 10 Anthem
Where does Equality 7-2521 converse with the Golden One?
  1. On the field
  2. In the tunnel
  3. At the hedge
  4. On the road
Grade 10 Anthem
Grade 10 Anthem
What name does the Golden One initially give Equality 7-2521?
  1. the Proud One
  2. the Saint of the Pyre
  3. the Unconquered
  4. Prometheus
Grade 10 Anthem
Why is Equality 7-2521 pleased at the Golden One's age?
  1. She has not entered the Palace of Mating.
  2. They may meet in the Palace of Mating.
  3. She will soon be assigned a profession.
  4. She has not yet entered the Home of the Useless.
Grade 8 Flowers for Algernon
How do you FIRST know Charlie is getting smarter?
  1. he starts to spell better
  2. he can speak other languages
  3. he wants to date his teacher
  4. he becomes a scientist
Grade 8 The Maze Runner
Thomas realizes he wants to be a
  1. Runner
  2. Slopper
  3. Bagger
  4. Slicer
Grade 7 A Wrinkle in Time
What is Meg's strongest subject at school?
  1. Chemistry
  2. Math
  3. History
  4. English
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