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Scientific Terms Questions - All Grades

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Grade 7 Scientific Terms
Which of the following definitions best defines science?
  1. using thinking and practical skills to understand our world
  2. a body of skills related to life and death
  3. study of non-living things only
  4. study of living things only
Grade 7 Scientific Terms
What is science?
  1. The knowledge gained from the study of animals.
  2. The study of plants.
  3. The knowledge gained from careful, systematic study of the natural world.
Grade 9 Scientific Terms
What is the application of science called?
  1. technology
  2. latitude
  3. scientific law
  4. theory
Grade 5 Scientific Terms
Grade 6 Scientific Terms
Which term best describes the image shown?
Data Table - Variable Speed
  1. table
  2. chart
  3. graph
  4. diagram
Grade 2 Scientific Terms
What is a scientist?
  1. A teacher
  2. A person who studies things in their world
  3. A person who collects bugs
  4. A person who writes stories
Grade 2 Scientific Terms
Grade 3 Scientific Terms
Grade 3 Scientific Terms
What you think will happen in the future.
  1. prediction
  2. properties
  3. materials
  4. surface area
Grade 3 Scientific Terms
Grade 5 Scientific Terms
This science is the study of all living things, both past and present.
  1. geoscience
  2. astro-science
  3. physical science
  4. life science
Grade 5 Scientific Terms
Grade 4 Scientific Terms
What helps scientists work in groups to solve problems?
  1. observe
  2. conclusions
  3. infer
  4. technology
Grade 2 Scientific Terms
When you compare two things you are
  1. telling how they are alike or different
  2. describing what they look like
  3. saying what you like about them
Grade 9 Scientific Terms
Grade 9 Scientific Terms
Grade 4 Scientific Terms
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