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Sequence of Events Questions - All Grades

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Grade 3 :: Sequence of Events by spilon1031
What comes next?

I put my dog on a leash.
I walked my dog down the street.
My dog saw a squirrel.
  1. My dog started to sing
  2. It started to rain
  3. My dog barked at the squirrel
  4. My dog ate a bone
Grade 3 :: Sequence of Events by szeiger
How is this passage organized?
  1. sequential order
  2. chronological order
  3. compare and contrast
  4. problem and solution
Grade 2 :: Sequence of Events by szeiger
What is the first thing you need to bake a cake?
  1. round cake pan
  2. frosting
  3. decorations
  4. cake mix
Grade 4 :: Sequence of Events by Clau7
Which step should come first in instructions for cleaning a room?
  1. Pick up any clothing, toys, or books on the floor
  2. Vacuum the carpet
Grade 3 :: Sequence of Events by szeiger
What type of ball came after featheries?
  1. A guttie ball
  2. A patterned guttie ball
  3. A hollow ball fused together
  4. A leather ball stuffed with feathers
Kindergarten :: Sequence of Events by szeiger

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What goes into the potion first?
  1. Leprechaun
  2. Hat
  3. Shamrock
  4. Pot of Gold
Grade 2 :: Sequence of Events by szeiger
What do you need to do before taking the cakes out of the pan?
  1. make sure they are lined up
  2. frost the top of the first cake
  3. make sure they are cool
  4. loosen the cakes in the pan
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