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Sequence of Events Questions - All Grades

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Grade 3 :: Sequence of Events by spilon1031
What comes next?

I put my dog on a leash.
I walked my dog down the street.
My dog saw a squirrel.
  1. My dog started to sing
  2. It started to rain
  3. My dog barked at the squirrel
  4. My dog ate a bone
Grade 3 :: Sequence of Events by szeiger
How is this passage organized?
  1. sequential order
  2. chronological order
  3. compare and contrast
  4. problem and solution
Grade 2 :: Sequence of Events by szeiger
What is the first thing you need to bake a cake?
  1. round cake pan
  2. frosting
  3. decorations
  4. cake mix
Grade 4 :: Sequence of Events by Clau7
Which step should come first in instructions for cleaning a room?
  1. Pick up any clothing, toys, or books on the floor
  2. Vacuum the carpet
Grade 3 :: Sequence of Events by szeiger
What type of ball came after featheries?
  1. A guttie ball
  2. A patterned guttie ball
  3. A hollow ball fused together
  4. A leather ball stuffed with feathers
Kindergarten :: Sequence of Events by szeiger

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What goes into the potion first?
  1. Leprechaun
  2. Hat
  3. Shamrock
  4. Pot of Gold
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