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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Social Studies Questions

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Grade 4 :: Map Components by Pastel
The first thing you should do when looking at map is                      ?
  1. create a legend
  2. read the title
  3. look at the map key
  4. look at the map scale
Grade 4 :: US Government by stevenshomeschool
Which branch makes laws?
  1. Executive
  2. Legislative
  3. Judicial
Grade 4 :: Geography by Losiea
What are the capitals of the following three COUNTRIES?
Japan, China, and Germany
  1. Beijing, Babakan, Berlin
  2. Toto, Tota, Tokyo
  3. Tokyo, Beijing, Berlin
Grade 4 :: US Government by Sugar23
Grade 4 :: Civil War by JordynBradford12
Who started the Civil War?
  1. Afghanistan and Iraq
  2. Florida and Miami
  3. South Carolina and Alabama
  4. South Carolina and Fort Sumter
Grade 4 :: American Revolution by mistylee73

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Who is known for the famous "midnight ride"?
  1. Benjamin Franklin
  2. Paul Revere
  3. Samuel Adams
  4. King George III
Grade 4 :: Civil War by kheugatter
Grade 4 :: Economics by kzainea
Most of the farmers' tomato crops have been killed by insects. What will probably happen to the cost of tomatoes?
  1. The cost will increase.
  2. The cost will decrease.
  3. The cost will stay the same.
  4. The cost will decrease, and then increase again.
Grade 4 :: Geography by Losiea
What is the capital of the following three states in this order.
Kansas, Nebraska, and Indiana
  1. Lincoln, Luscious, and School
  2. Topeka, Tiki, Lincoln
  3. Topeka, Lincoln, Indianapolis
Grade 4 :: US Government by Lvissak21
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