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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Social Studies Questions

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Grade 5 :: Economics by AmySakowitz
Items brought into a country are called
  1. exports
  2. goods
  3. imports
  4. services
Grade 5 :: Reconstruction by WWalk
                       is the name of the period when the South rejoined the Union.
  1. Bill of Rights Act
  2. Rebellion Slave Revolt
  3. Friendship Reward Act
  4. Reconstruction
Grade 5 :: US Government by LizBrown2
Common Good is                      .
  1. actions good for some
  2. actions good for none
  3. actions good for all
Grade 5 :: American Revolution by AlHenry
                  asked Congress to officially declare independence from Britain.
  1. Patrick Henry
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. Richard Henry Lee
  4. George Washington
Grade 5 :: Civil War by Tvoegele1
Lincoln was assassinated...
  1. At Appomattoz courthouse
  2. During the first act of the play
  3. One week after the war ended
  4. Two days after he was elected
Grade 5 :: Economics by AmySakowitz
Grade 5 :: Economics by AmySakowitz
Scarcity is
  1. a time when a consumer is afraid to spend money
  2. a time when there is a surplus of goods
  3. a time when there is not enough of something to go around
  4. a time when there is not enough money in the bank
Grade 5 :: Great Depression by KolesarD
A lasting result of the New Deal in the United States has been the...
  1. reduction of the national debt
  2. control of stock prices by the Federal Government
  3. joint effort of business and labor to strengthen the Presidency
  4. the Federal Government taking greater responsibility for the nation's well-being
Grade 5 :: American Revolution by AlHenry
Which of the following said "Give me liberty or give me death?"
  1. William Henry
  2. William Lloyd Garrison
  3. Patrick Henry
  4. Thomas Paine
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