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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Social Studies Questions

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Grade 8 :: Civil War by Qalam
The slave codes were
  1. rules to protect the general welfare of enslaved people.
  2. ways for enslaved people to secretly communicate with one another other.
  3. laws that controlled the lives of enslaved African Americans.
  4. guidelines for freeing a certain number of enslaved people every year.
Grade 8 :: Themes of Geography by Vanheerdens
Grade 8 :: Civil War by Qalam
Why did people in the North and the South have such different views about slavery?
  1. The South's economy depended on slavery, while the economy of the North did not.
  2. Most people in the South believed slavery was morally wrong.
  3. Northerners thought slavery was destroying the economy.
  4. Southerners believed slavery should be eliminated gradually, while northerners thought it should be abolished all at once.
Grade 8 :: Civil War by Qalam
Which statement best describes Henry Clay's goal in proposing the Missouri Compromise?
  1. Eventually, slavery as an institution will be overturned and the slaves will all be freed."
  2. Slavery will be allowed in some northern states at the same time it is being phased out of the southern states.
  3. Northern and southern states cannot agree on a system that will satisfy them both.
  4. "The balance in the Senate will be maintained by this agreement.
Grade 8 :: Civil War by Jbuell17
What is abolitionism?
  1. the idea of westward expansion
  2. a movement to end slavery
  3. Abraham Lincoln's famous speech
  4. John Brown's horse's name
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Qalam
Grade 8 :: Social Studies by mrhansen
The ruling body of a nation, state, or community.
  1. Territory
  2. Sovereignty
  3. Government
Grade 8 :: Medieval Europe by tericoxon
Grade 8 :: Medieval Europe by tericoxon
Nobles were given land by the King. In return for this land the nobles provided the King with:
  1. armies and protection
  2. loyalty and money
  3. food and jewelry
  4. land and people
Grade 8 :: Canadian Geography by mrhansen
Grade 8 :: Medieval Europe by tericoxon
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