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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Solar System Questions

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Grade 5 :: The Moon by InezHayes
Which of the following BEST explains why there are more craters on the moon than on the earth?
  1. Earth has an atmosphere.
  2. The moon is smaller than the earth
  3. Earth has rarely been struck by meteors
  4. The moon has a weaker gravitational force
Grade 5 :: Sun by InezHayes
The Sun is the                 to the Earth.
  1. closest planet
  2. closest star
  3. farthest star
  4. farthest planet
Grade 5 :: Planetary Motion by rolaharb
The Earth takes 365.25 days to orbit the Sun. Which of the following is a consequence of this fact?
  1. An extra day every four years
  2. February has 28 days instead of 30
  3. The calendar has 365 days every year
  4. An extra week is added every four years
Grade 5 :: Sun by InezHayes
Sunspots may erupt into
  1. solar flares
  2. volcanoes
  3. firestorms
  4. earthquakes
Grade 5 :: Outer Planets by kim43
Grade 5 :: Inner Planets by kim43
Grade 5 :: The Moon by pereedy
Which is NOT a moon phase?
  1. old moon
  2. first quarter
  3. waning gibbous
  4. new moon
Grade 5 :: The Moon by rolaharb
The moon revolves around the Earth, this causes the
  1. Earth to be warmer at night
  2. Earth to rotate more rapidly.
  3. Moon to shine more brightly than other objects in the sky
  4. Moon to appear as different shapes during the month
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