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Story Elements Questions - All Grades

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Grade 8 Story Elements
Grade 8 Story Elements
Identify the order of the action in a plot:
  1. resolution, rising action, climax, falling action, exposition
  2. rising action, exposition, climax, falling action, resolution
  3. exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution
  4. climax, exposition, rising action, resolution, falling action
Grade 8 Story Elements
What is the problem or struggle in a story called?
  1. theme
  2. protagonist
  3. mood
  4. conflict
Grade 8 Story Elements
Grade 9 Story Elements
Grade 7 Story Elements

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What would be an appropriate theme for this passage?
  1. Everything always works out.
  2. You should be nice to people, even if they are mean to you.
  3. What goes around comes around.
  4. Always have extra money.
Grade 3 Story Elements
Grade 9 Story Elements
What is a deeper meaning or insight in a literary work?
  1. theme
  2. oral tradition
  3. cultural context
  4. point of view
Grade 4 Story Elements
Which is NOT part of the setting?
  1. Day
  2. Time
  3. Problem
  4. Location
Grade 3 Story Elements
Which two questions does SETTING answer?
  1. Who is involved? Why are they involved?
  2. What happened? Who was involved?
  3. Who are the main characters and what is the problem?
  4. When and where does the story take place?
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