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Story Elements Questions - All Grades

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Grade 4 :: Story Elements by CardenasPyle
               [characters]                people, an animals, or personified objects in a story
          setting           where and when the story takes place
       plot        a series of related events at the beginning, middle, and end of a story; the action of a story
        theme         the big idea or author’s message in a story
                   stage directions                    – instructions written as part of the play, a message describing how something is done
           dialogue            the words, phrases, or speeches spoken by each character in a play
           narrator            the character in a selection that tells the story
        scene         a part in the play in which events happen in the same place or period of time
           conflict            the problem or the struggle in the story
          problem           the conflict or struggle in the story
                rising action                 the build up of conflicts and complications in the story
         climax          the point in a story at which conflict is confronted
                 falling action                  the part after the climax that leads to the resolution or solution
             resolution              the point in a story where the conflict is resolved
           solution            how the problem was solved
          compare           tell how things are the same
           contrast            tell how things are different
       mood        the feeling the reader takes away from the text
Grade 9 :: Story Elements by DJCallahan
Where, when, or under what conditions a story takes place
  1. Imagery
  2. Suspense
  3. Setting
  4. Alliteration
Grade 10 :: Story Elements by fivelittlewords
  1. principal character or force in opposition to a protagonist
  2. the point of maximum tension or interest
  3. main character in a work of fiction involved in the central conflict
  4. provides background information and introduced setting and important characters
Grade 10 :: Story Elements by fivelittlewords
  1. principal character or force in opposition to a protagonist
  2. main character in a work of fiction involved in the central conflict
  3. time and place of the action of a piece of literature
  4. contrast between appearance and reality
Grade 7 :: Story Elements by coachstiles
the characters, setting, and time a story takes place
  1. anecdote
  2. climax
  3. exposition
  4. analogy
Grade 8 :: Story Elements by shelleygeorge
The first part of the plot, containing background information
  1. climax
  2. exposition
  3. resolution
  4. rising action
Grade 7 :: Story Elements by coachstiles
action after the climax
  1. rising action
  2. falling action
  3. connotation
  4. exposition
Grade 7 :: Story Elements by coachstiles
the high point of action
  1. rising action
  2. climax
  3. anecdote
  4. denotation
Grade 2 :: Story Elements by kawatkins
Colleen was having a bad Friday. First she woke up late. Then she tripped on her way to the bathroom and hurt her knee. When she got to the bathroom, her brother Kyle was in there, and she had to wait five whole minutes until she could use it. She ran back to her room to get dressed for school, and when she finally was able to use the bathroom, Kyle had left the floor wet. Her socks were completely soaked from walking across the wet floor, and they were her last clean pair for the week! She decided to take off her wet socks and try to let them dry on the way to school. She went downstairs to grab something to eat before she left for school. Her mom was in the kitchen as she grabbed a banana and headed for the door. As she ran out of the door her mom called after her, "Where are you going Colleen?"

"School, I'm running late!" She yelled over her shoulder.

"But today is Saturday." Her mom called after her.

She stopped and turned around. Her mom was in the doorway with a smile on her face. Colleen smiled back and walked back into the house, happy she wasn't late for anything.

What is the setting of this passage?                   Colleen's house                  

What is the problem in this passage?                               Colleen is late for school.                              

What is the solution to Colleen's problem?                                                        She's not late for school because it is the weekend.                                                       

Name a personality trait of Colleen.                                     tardy/late, clumsy, distracted...                                    
Grade 9 :: Story Elements by charismaglo
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