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The Tell-Tale Heart - Short Stories (Fiction) - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Eighth Grade (Grade 8)

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Grade 8 The Tell-Tale Heart
What was the low, dull, quick sound that the narrator heard?
  1. his own heartbeat
  2. the old man's heartbeat
  3. his watch
Grade 8 The Tell-Tale Heart
What is the narrator's motive for the murder?
  1. The narrator wanted the old man's gold
  2. The old man had insulted him
  3. The old man's eye severely bothered the narrator
Grade 8 The Tell-Tale Heart
Why is the narrator unable to kill the old man before the eighth night?
  1. He is trying to wait until the old man dies of natural causes.
  2. He waits until he sees the eye because it is the eye that makes him want to kill the old man
  3. He is afraid of being caught
  4. none of the above
Grade 8 The Tell-Tale Heart
Where does the narrator hide the body?
  1. in the cellar
  2. in a nearby cemetery
  3. in the backyard
  4. under the floor boards of the bedroom
Grade 8 The Tell-Tale Heart
What explanation does the narrator offer in place of the idea that he is mad?
  1. lack of sleep
  2. psychic powers
  3. overly sharpened senses
  4. hallucinations
Grade 8 The Tell-Tale Heart
On the eighth night, the narrator awakens the old man. What happens next?
  1. The narrator immediately carries out his plan
  2. The old man sits awake in fear for many hours.
  3. The narrator finds himself consoling the old man and gets him back to sleep.
  4. none of the above
Grade 8 The Tell-Tale Heart
What specifically is it about the old man that troubles the narrator?
  1. he is too old
  2. his vulture ear
  3. his evil eye
  4. he is mean to him
Grade 8 The Tell-Tale Heart
How does the old man die?
  1. he is chopped up
  2. he is suffocated by a bed
  3. he is buried in the floor
Grade 8 The Tell-Tale Heart
The beating grew louder--what was the new anxiety that seized the narrator at this point?
  1. he had no anxiety
  2. the sound being heard by neighbors
  3. someone coming to the house
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