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US Government Questions - All Grades

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Grade 12 :: Executive Branch by nclawson23
Which one of these is not a role of the President?
  1. Chief of State
  2. Chief Executive
  3. Chief administrator
  4. Chief of Justice
  5. Chief Diplomat
Grade 12 :: US Laws and Amendments by vrs5026
The system in which on branch watches over another
  1. checks and balances
  2. separation of powers
  3. division of power
  4. checks of power
Grade 4 :: Legislative Branch by billycamps
The Legislative Branch of government refers to
  1. the Supreme Court, and other judges
  2. the President, a governor, or a mayor
  3. the Senate, the House of Representatives
Grade 1 :: US Government by NellieCF
Grade 12 :: US Government by vrs5026
The U.S. is an example of a/an
  1. representative democracy
  2. dictatorship
  3. monarchy
  4. direct democracy
Grade 2 :: US Government by TomStucker
This is where we live, work, and play.
  1. bathroom
  2. store
  3. community
Grade 4 :: Legislative Branch by billycamps
The Legislative branch of government is responsible for
  1. voting on important issues, confirming appointments, and writing laws
  2. determining whether a law or the Constitution has been violated
  3. enforcing laws and protecting the Constitution and the Nation
Grade 4 :: Executive Branch by kdm0007
Where does the President live and work?
  1. U.S. Capitol
  2. Washington Monument
  3. White House
Grade 9 :: Legislative Branch by skwelsh2
Mrs. Welsh has a great idea for a bill to get Alaska out of debt. To get her bill introduced she:
  1. can ask Lisa Murkowski to do it.
  2. can ask Dan Sullivan to do it
  3. can ask Don Young to do it
  4. can go to DC and do it herself.
Grade 9 :: Legislative Branch by skwelsh2
The Chamber of Congress that approves presidential appointments is the:
  1. House of Representatives
  2. Senate
  3. Must be approved by both
  4. Appointments don't have to be approved
Grade 9 :: Legislative Branch by skwelsh2
If a Bill is sent to the president with more than 10 days left in the session of Congress and it is not signed it:
  1. automatically becomes law
  2. is vetoed
  3. is called a pocket veto
  4. is sent back to congress
Grade 3 :: US Government by shell1281
Where does the President live?
  1. The White House
  2. The Little White House
  3. Your house
  4. The Parthenon
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