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US History Questions - All Grades

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The US History questions below are in the following grade levels: Kindergarten
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Grade 8 :: Civil War by Qalam
The slave codes were
  1. rules to protect the general welfare of enslaved people.
  2. ways for enslaved people to secretly communicate with one another other.
  3. laws that controlled the lives of enslaved African Americans.
  4. guidelines for freeing a certain number of enslaved people every year.
Grade 8 :: Civil War by Qalam
Why did people in the North and the South have such different views about slavery?
  1. The South's economy depended on slavery, while the economy of the North did not.
  2. Most people in the South believed slavery was morally wrong.
  3. Northerners thought slavery was destroying the economy.
  4. Southerners believed slavery should be eliminated gradually, while northerners thought it should be abolished all at once.
Grade 8 :: Civil War by Qalam
Which statement best describes Henry Clay's goal in proposing the Missouri Compromise?
  1. Eventually, slavery as an institution will be overturned and the slaves will all be freed."
  2. Slavery will be allowed in some northern states at the same time it is being phased out of the southern states.
  3. Northern and southern states cannot agree on a system that will satisfy them both.
  4. "The balance in the Senate will be maintained by this agreement.
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Qalam
Grade 5 :: Reconstruction by WWalk
                       is the name of the period when the South rejoined the Union.
  1. Bill of Rights Act
  2. Rebellion Slave Revolt
  3. Friendship Reward Act
  4. Reconstruction
Grade 5 :: Pre-Colonial Period by lmanshack
Grade 5 :: Pre-Colonial Period by lmanshack
This explorer wanted to discover the fountain of youth, but instead, he discovered Florida in 1513?
  1. Ponce De Leon
  2. Pedro Menendez de Aviles
  3. Hernan Cortes
  4. Vasco de Gama
Grade 5 :: Pre-Colonial Period by lmanshack
This man established the first permanent European settlement in the United States...who is he?
  1. Hernan Cortes
  2. Francisco Pizzaro
  3. Pedro Menendez de Aviles
  4. John Cabot
Grade 5 :: Pre-Colonial Period by lmanshack
This man conquered the Incas...who was he?
  1. Hernan Cortes
  2. Christopher Columbus
  3. Franciso Pizzaro
  4. Henry Hudson
Grade 8 :: Civil War by Qalam
Harriet Tubman is most closely associated with
  1. helping to preserve slavery.
  2. the Underground Railroad.
  3. the slave ship Amistad.
  4. the Second Great Awakening.
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Leroy72
The colonist did not want to have British troops for protection because they could call on their militias. What was a militia?
  1. They were an Army that the colonial assemblies paid for.
  2. They were a small army of regular people.
  3. They were a professional army that they rented to protect themselves.
  4. They were Native Americans that liked the colonist.
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Leroy72
Why did the Sons of Liberty hold the Boston Tea Party?
  1. They did not like British Tea.
  2. They were protesting that they had to buy only from the East India Company.
  3. They wanted to start a war with Great Britain.
  4. They claimed it was not them but the Native Americans.
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Leroy72
What was a goal of the First Continental Congress?
  1. To declare war on Great Britain.
  2. To find a solution to the conflicts with Great Britian.
  3. To create taxes that would be acceptable to the americans
  4. To bring representatives from Great Britain and America together.
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Leroy72
The name Boston Massacre was given to the events of March 5, 1770, in order to?
  1. Create anti-British sentiment.
  2. Create trouble for the colonists.
  3. Warn of a deadly diase in the city.
  4. Describe the truth about what happened.
Grade 8 :: American Revolution by Leroy72
This was one of the first British Acts put in place on the colonist?
  1. Sugar Act
  2. Townshend Acts
  3. Intolerbable Acts
  4. Tea Act
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