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US History Questions - All Grades

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The US History questions below are in the following grade levels: Kindergarten
Grades: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 College Graduate Continuing Education
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Grade 5 :: American Revolution by AlHenry
                  asked Congress to officailly declare independence from Britain.
  1. Patrick Henry
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. Richard Henry Lee
  4. George Washington
Grade 8 :: Civil War by Qalam
Why did people in the North and the South have such different views about slavery?
  1. The South's economy depended on slavery, while the economy of the North did not.
  2. Most people in the South believed slavery was morally wrong.
  3. Northerners thought slavery was destroying the economy.
  4. Southerners believed slavery should be eliminated gradually, while northerners thought it should be abolished all at once.
Grade 4 :: Civil War by JordynBradford12
Who started the Civil War?
  1. Afghanastain and Iraq
  2. Florida and Miami
  3. South Carolina and Alabama
  4. South Carolina and Fort Sumter
Grade 8 :: Civil War by Qalam
The slave codes were
  1. rules to protect the general welfare of enslaved people.
  2. ways for enslaved people to secretly communicate with one another other.
  3. laws that controlled the lives of enslaved African Americans.
  4. guidelines for freeing a certain number of enslaved people every year.
Grade 8 :: Civil War by Qalam
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
  1. By 1804, most southern states had pledged never to end slavery.
  2. By 1804, only a few southern states had ended or pledged to end slavery.
  3. By 1804, every northern state had ended or pledged to end slavery.
  4. By 1804, only a few northern states had ended or pledged to end slavery.
Grade 4 :: Pre-Colonial Period by Joyful1
The settlement was built in the middle of a huge American Indian Empire. An empire is what?
  1. a large holding of crops for Indians to use in cooking
  2. the house that the chief indian lived in
  3. a large holding of land and power
  4. a larger area filled with gold and riches
Grade 4 :: Pre-Colonial Period by Joyful1
A settlement is a village built by people from another place.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 8 :: Civil War by Qalam
Which statement best describes Henry Clay's goal in proposing the Missouri Compromise?
  1. Eventually, slavery as an institution will be overturned and the slaves will all be freed."
  2. Slavery will be allowed in some northern states at the same time it is being phased out of the southern states.
  3. Northern and southern states cannot agree on a system that will satisfy them both.
  4. "The balance in the Senate will be maintained by this agreement.
Grade 5 :: American Revolution by AlHenry
Which of the following said "Give me liberty or give me death?"
  1. William Henry
  2. William Lloyd Garrison
  3. Patrick Henry
  4. Thomas Paine
Grade 4 :: Pre-Colonial Period by Joyful1
The colonists on Roanoke disappeared and were never found despite search efforts. What may have happened to them?
  1. Indians may have kidnapped them
  2. They moved to another island
  3. They were taken to outer space by aliens
  4. They dug their way to China
Grade 3 :: American Revolution by Carlin
From what country did the colonists want independence?
  1. Philadelphia
  2. America
  3. Britain
  4. Pennsylvania
Grade 7 :: Formation of the USA by Qalam
What was the belief that the United States should expand westward called?
  1. manifest destiny
  2. certain future
  3. undeniable destiny
  4. American future
Grade 8 :: Colonial Period by jmmen00
Men and women who sold their labor to the person who paid their passage to the colony
  1. Indentured Servants
  2. Bacon's Rebellion
  3. Pilgrims
  4. Puritans
Grade 9 :: World War I by lott24
Which of the following was NOT a cause of World War One?
  1. militarism
  2. imperialism
  3. alliances
  4. isolationism
  5. they all were causes
Grade 9 :: World War I by lott24
What was the spark that set off WWI?
  1. the alliance linking the Central Powers
  2. the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  3. the development of trench warfare
  4. the encouragement of Serbian nationalists by Germany
Grade 9 :: World War I by lott24
What was President Wilson's initial attitude toward the US involvement in World War One?
  1. He wanted to remain neutral
  2. He wanted to enter the war on the side of Britain and the Allies
  3. He wanted to support Germany and the Central Powers
  4. He wanted to pressure Germany to make peace with The Ottoman Empire
Grade 4 :: American Revolution by mistylee73
Who is known for the famous "midnight ride"?
  1. Benjamin Franklin
  2. Paul Revere
  3. Samuel Adams
  4. King George III
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