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Universe Questions - All Grades

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The Universe questions below are in the following grade levels:
Grades: 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
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Grade 1 :: Universe by Ms_Bee
The name of the galaxy where Earth is:
  1. constellation
  2. Milky Way
  3. stars
  4. Kuiper's Belt
Grade 9 :: Universe by LBeth
The diagram below shows
Hubble Sequence #2
  1. the evolutionary sequence of stars
  2. the evolutionary sequence of galaxies
  3. the morphological classification of stars
  4. the morphological classification of galaxies
Grade 4 :: Universe by Severud
Studying the stars & planets can help people to do which things? Mark all correct answers.
  1. Make calendars
  2. Tell time
  3. Know what food to eat
  4. Tell if a storm is coming
  5. Show directions like a compass
Grade 6 :: Universe by mrtjackson
Choose the false statement about the Milky Way Galaxy.
  1. It is a spiral galaxy.
  2. It is billions of years old.
  3. It contains billions of stars.
  4. It is actually a cluster of galaxies.
Grade 9 :: Universe by cbradford1018
The Milky Way galaxy is a(n)
  1. spiral galaxy
  2. elliptical galaxy
  3. irregular galaxy
  4. barred spiral galaxy
Grade 9 :: Universe by LBeth
Which set of terms is arranged from smallest to largest?
  1. galaxy, star, cluster, supercluster
  2. star, supercluster, cluster, galaxy
  3. galaxy, supercluster, star, cluster
  4. star, galaxy, cluster, supercluster
Grade 8 :: Universe by cecola4
Which is not a type of galaxy?
  1. spiral
  2. elliptical
  3. regular
  4. irregular
Grade 6 :: Universe by ashacurry
What is a galaxy?
  1. a large group of stars held together by gravity
  2. a system of planets and its moons
  3. a system of planets orbiting a star
  4. a group of comets
Grade 6 :: Universe by Qalam
Why do galaxies appear to move away from each other?
  1. Galaxies are spinning.
  2. The universe is expanding.
  3. Others move closer together.
  4. Stars still are being born.
Grade 6 :: Universe by Andrew101
Grade 6 :: Universe by acarroll2
If the universe expands forever...
  1. the universe will collapse
  2. the universe will repeat itself
  3. the universe will remain the same
  4. the stars will age and die and the universe will become cold and dark
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