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Universe Questions - All Grades

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The Universe questions below are in the following grade levels:
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Grade 1 :: Universe by Ms_Bee
The name of the galaxy where Earth is:
  1. constellation
  2. Milky Way
  3. stars
  4. Kuiper's Belt
Grade 9 :: Universe by LBeth
Which set of terms is arranged from smallest to largest?
  1. galaxy, star, cluster, supercluster
  2. star, supercluster, cluster, galaxy
  3. galaxy, supercluster, star, cluster
  4. star, galaxy, cluster, supercluster
Grade 8 :: Universe by cecola4
Which is not a type of galaxy?
  1. spiral
  2. elliptical
  3. regular
  4. irregular
Grade 10 :: Universe by LBeth
Collisions between galaxies are believed to be                                    and result in                                   .
  1. common; new star formation
  2. uncommon; new star formation
  3. common; frequent star collisions
  4. uncommon; frequent star collisions
Grade 6 :: Universe by Qalam
Why do galaxies appear to move away from each other?
  1. Galaxies are spinning.
  2. The universe is expanding.
  3. Others move closer together.
  4. Stars still are being born.
Grade 11 :: Universe by LBeth
M89 is an elliptical galaxy classified as E0. NGC 584 is an E4 elliptical galaxy. Which statement best compares the morphology of the two galaxies?
  1. M89 is has a more elliptical shape than NGC 584
  2. NGC 584 is has a more elliptical shape than M89
  3. Both M89 and NGC 584 and have very elliptical shapes
  4. Both M89 and NGC 584 and have very spherical shapes
Grade 6 :: Universe by ashacurry
What is a galaxy?
  1. a large group of stars held together by gravity
  2. a system of planets and its moons
  3. a system of planets orbiting a star
  4. a group of comets
Grade 5 :: Universe by kelwegg26
Which is the correct order of size, smallest first?
  1. sun, earth, milky way galaxy
  2. earth, sun, milky way galaxy
  3. earth, milky way galaxy, sun
Grade 11 :: Universe by kieke
The greater the distance of a galaxy away from the earth
  1. the older it is.
  2. the greater the observed blue shift.
  3. the more massive it is.
  4. the greater the observed red shift.
Grade 10 :: Universe by LBeth
Messier 95 is classified as a SBb galaxy using the Hubble sequence. Which of the following best describes the classification of Messier 95?
  1. a spiral galaxy
  2. an elliptical galaxy
  3. an irregular galaxy
  4. a barred spiral galaxy
Grade 9 :: Universe by LBeth
Extremely distant, bright, energetic object located in the core of some active galaxies.
  1. pulsar
  2. quasar
  3. black hole
  4. white dwarf
Grade 6 :: Universe by HudAnth
What is our Galaxy's Name?
  1. The Big Dipper
  2. The Milky Way
  3. The Candy Bar
  4. None Of The Above
Grade 6 :: Universe by ashacurry
The big bang theory explains
  1. how the universe formed
  2. the shape of Earth's orbit
  3. why stars are found in galaxies
  4. why planets stay in their orbits
Grade 4 :: Universe by Cherylrettia1
Which best describes the sun's location in the universe?
  1. near the barred spiral galaxy
  2. at the edge of a galaxy called the Milky Way
  3. at the edge of the solar system
  4. in the center of a galaxy called Alpha Centauri
Grade 6 :: Universe by acarroll2
If the universe expands forever
  1. the universe will collaspe
  2. the universe will repeat itself
  3. the universe will remain the same
  4. the stars will age and die and the universe will become cold and dark
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