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Universe Questions - All Grades

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Grade 8 :: Universe by Astronomy_Class
What would you call the study of everything in the universe?
  1. Astrology
  2. Astronomy
  3. Cosmology
  4. Anthology
Grade 9 :: Universe by swiftadam81
Grade 6 :: Universe by Mrkent
How do scientists measure the distance between galaxies?
  1. Light years
  2. A tape measure
  3. A ruler
  4. Paces
Grade 6 :: Universe by Mrkent
What is the current theory on how the universe was created?
  1. Steady State Theory
  2. Big Bang
  3. Solstice
  4. Little Bang
Grade 8 :: Universe by DrWho
Which of the following objects is the largest?
  1. star
  2. galaxy
  3. solar system
  4. planet
Grade 6 :: Universe by cavnie
The Milky Way is an example of a(n)...
  1. solar system
  2. spiral galaxy
  3. exploding galaxy
  4. nebula
Grade 6 :: Universe by cavnie
Put the following in order from biggest to smallest:
  1. Galaxy, Universe, Solar System, Star, Planet
  2. Universe, Solar System, Galaxy, Planet, Star
  3. Solar System, Universe, Galaxy, Star, Planet
  4. Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, Star, Planet
Grade 6 :: Universe by Mrkent
How fast does light travel?
  1. 186,00 miles per second
  2. 80 miles an hour
  3. 3,000 feet per second
  4. 100 inces per second
Grade 6 :: Universe by cavnie
Which statement correctly describes the theory of the "Big Bang"?
  1. The universe is in an unchanging "steady-state"
  2. Little explosions happen all over the universe creating matter and energy.
  3. All matter and energy once exploded out of a single point.
  4. The universe is composed of only energy and no matter.
Grade 5 :: Universe by NadineBrown
Grade 6 :: Universe by TylerRyanTeacher
Which statement is true about a light-year?
  1. It is a measure of time.
  2. It is a measure of distance.
  3. It takes one light-year for Earth to orbit the Sun.
  4. It is commonly used to measure distances in the solar system.
Grade 5 :: Universe by kdeaton
What term do astronomers use to describe a galaxy that has a jumbled scattering of stars?
  1. barred spiral galaxy
  2. elliptical galaxy
  3. irregular galaxy
  4. spiral galaxy
Grade 5 :: Universe by kdeaton
Why are elliptical galaxies brighter toward the center?
  1. The stars are evenly distributed through the galaxy.
  2. The center is crowded with stars, and the number of stars decreases farther out.
  3. Most stars are near the outside of the elliptical galaxy, with dust clouds in the center.
  4. The stars are spread through out the galaxy in bands that look like the arms of spiral galaxies.
Grade 9 :: Universe by swiftadam81
What is a light year?
  1. 365 days
  2. The distance light travels in a year
  3. The distance from the Sun to Earth
  4. The amount of light produced by the sun in a year
Grade 7 :: Universe by Movies123
What types of electromagnetic radiations have given proof to the possibility of the Big Bang Theory?
  1. infrared and dark matter and microwave
  2. dark matter
  3. infrared and microwave
Grade 4 :: Universe by Jenniepoo
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