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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Universe Questions

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Grade 8 :: Universe by Astronomy_Class
What would you call the study of everything in the universe?
  1. Astrology
  2. Astronomy
  3. Cosmology
  4. Anthology
Grade 8 :: Universe by DrWho
Which of the following objects is the largest?
  1. star
  2. galaxy
  3. solar system
  4. planet
Grade 8 :: Universe by ashleyross14
Grade 8 :: Universe by DMSmith318
Grade 8 :: Universe by cecola4
Which is not a type of galaxy?
  1. spiral
  2. elliptical
  3. regular
  4. irregular
Grade 8 :: Universe by ashleyross14
What galaxy shape is the Milky Way?
  1. irregular
  2. lenticular
  3. barred spiral
  4. elliptical
Grade 8 :: Universe by gooody
Grade 8 :: Universe by LBeth
Grade 8 :: Universe by Teacher_T
Evidence scientists use to support the Big Bang Theory
  1. Dark Matter, Blue Shift
  2. Cosmology, Red Shift
  3. Parallax, Doppler Effect (Blue Shift)
  4. Background Radiation, Doppler Effect ( Red Shift)
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