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Visual Arts Questions - All Grades

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Grade 9 :: Drawing by brandio
A gesture drawing is a:
  1. detailed line drawing
  2. quick drawing to capture movement
  3. the way art work is arranged
  4. creates dominance and focus in an artwork
Grade 10 :: Visual Arts by estrella_brillando
Other words that could be used to describe notches or guiding lines are:
  1. tic marks
  2. reference marks
  3. orthoganal lines
  4. all of the above
Grade 10 :: Drawing by estrella_brillando
This is the first step in drawing a still life:
  1. drawing contours
  2. shading your objects
  3. choosing a composition
  4. adding visual texture
Grade 10 :: Drawing by estrella_brillando
A drawing that concentrates primarily on the outline of the subject is referred to as a:
  1. figure drawing
  2. contour drawing
  3. gesture drawing
  4. stipple drawing
Grade 10 :: Drawing by estrella_brillando
Accuracy with in your drawing products requires:
  1. a push for speed
  2. a quiet surroundings
  3. confidence and attention to each stroke, each line. and the entire canvas space from cornner to cornner
  4. an expert knowledge of the copy being keyed
Grade 10 :: Drawing by estrella_brillando
Which of the following techniques can be used to make a drawing appear more three-dimensional?
  1. adding value/shading
  2. adding texture
  3. using perspective
  4. all of the above
Grade 1 :: Visual Arts by Dukeycat
The cool colors are:
  1. red, yellow, orange
  2. blue, purple, green
  3. red, green, orange
Grade 9 :: Painting by Shannonminer
Grade 11 :: Visual Arts by KathiF
When is it appropriate to use a resolution of 72?
  1. When you are going to print your work
  2. When you are going to save your work to a webpage
  3. When you are going to send your work via e-mail
  4. When you are going to post your work to Facebook
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