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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) World Religions Questions

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Grade 7 :: Islam by treemandude1
Which of the following is true of the Qur'an, but not true of the Sunnah?
  1. It is recorded as the hadith, or tradition.
  2. It contains examples for living that Muhammad set during his lifetime.
  3. It was written with the help of the angle Gabriel.
  4. It is followed by Jews and Christians.
Grade 7 :: Islam by mack81
When people go to Mecca, what do they do there?
  1. Eat a feast
  2. Pray to God
  3. Fasting occurs
  4. They sing
Grade 7 :: Islam by treemandude1
What is a sedentary lifestyle?
  1. One in which people live settled in one place.
  2. once in which people wander from place to place.
  3. one in which people visit from foreign places.
  4. one in which people live alone and isolated.
Grade 7 :: Islam by Susieg12
Grade 7 :: Islam by fria1111
Approximately how many people in the world follow the religion of Islam?
  1. About 1.2 million people
  2. About 1.2 billion people
  3. About 2.1 billion people
  4. About 122 million people
Grade 7 :: Islam by jct167
The prophet of the Islamic religion is
  1. Jesus
  2. Moses
  3. Muhammad
  4. Gandhi
Grade 7 :: Christianity by Andrewteachhistory
A member of a Catholic religious order
  1. Protestant
  2. Friar
  3. Preacher
  4. Viceroy
Grade 7 :: Judaism by jct167
Grade 7 :: Christianity by jct167
Grade 7 :: World Religions by Qalam
The Mexican constitution that put Texas in a state with Coahuila
  1. Constitution of 1824
  2. Constitution of 1826
  3. Constitution of 1836
  4. Coahuila y Tejas
Grade 7 :: Islam by AlexAcad
Islam is the dominant religion throughout which of these regions of the world:
  1. Eastern and Western Europe
  2. China and Tibet
  3. Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia
  4. The USA and Canada
Grade 7 :: World Religions by showkidz
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