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Grade 12 Reading Passages Worksheets - Original Stories and Public Texts

Our collection of informational stories and other non-fiction texts combine high-interest reading passages with questions designed to build reading comprehension skills. Passage topics cover a range of subjects including animals, how-to, occupations, science, and sports. Questions cover a range of skills, including identifying main idea, determining the author's purpose, summarizing, making inferences, identifying cause/effect, analyzing text features, using context clues, and finding support in a passage. The high-interest passages will help get kids excited about reading, while the questions accompanying each passage will help kids improve their reading comprehension skills.

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Passage Name Grade Lexile Word Count Skill/Strategy Text Type
The Dark Forest 12 1110L 569 Multi-Skill Fiction
Watching the Tube 12 1220L 207 Multi-Skill Original, Informational
Trains vs. Planes 12 1290L 325 Compare and Contrast Original, Informational
Goodbye Pencil, Hello Keyboard 12 1330L 317 Multi-Skill Original, Informational
With and Without Words 12 1330L 207 Multi-Skill Original, Informational
The Tooth Tattoo 12 1360L 216 Drawing Conclusions Original, Informational
Making the Most of the Summer 12 1390L 289 Compare and Contrast Original, Informational
Amusement Park Labor 12 1470L 794 Multi-Skill Original, Informational