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Grade 6 Reading Passages Worksheets - Original Stories and Public Texts

Our collection of informational stories and other non-fiction texts combine high-interest reading passages with questions designed to build reading comprehension skills. Passage topics cover a range of subjects including animals, how-to, occupations, science, and sports. Questions cover a range of skills, including identifying main idea, determining the author's purpose, summarizing, making inferences, identifying cause/effect, analyzing text features, using context clues, and finding support in a passage. The high-interest passages will help get kids excited about reading, while the questions accompanying each passage will help kids improve their reading comprehension skills.

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Passage Name Grade Lexile Word Count Skill/Strategy Text Type
Haunted House 6 750L 506 Multi-Skill Fiction
One-Way Ticket to Mars 6 790L 204 Multi-Skill Original, Informational
Becoming a Runner 6 830L 291 Cause and Effect Fiction
Cooking with Aunt Sheila 6 830L 291 Compare and Contrast Fiction
Stranded in Italy 6 850L 394 Context Clues Fiction
Jackie Robinson 6 870L 349 Multi-Skill Original, Informational
The Battle of the Oranges 6 870L 342 Main Idea Original, Informational
Earth vs. Mars 6 880L 233 Compare and Contrast Original, Informational
Margaret 6 880L 461 Multi-Skill Fiction
The First Human-Like Robot 6 910L 230 Drawing Conclusions Original, Informational
Fun at the Beach 6 980L 251 Multi-Skill Original, Informational
Sweden's Ice Hotel 6 990L 277 Drawing Conclusions Original, Informational
Checkers 6 1050L 302 Main Idea Original, Informational
The Golden Eagle 6 1150L 1114 Multi-Skill Original, Informational
Bed Bugs 6 1180L 419 Multi-Skill Original, Informational
The Wild Boar 6 1200L 797 Multi-Skill Original, Informational