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Grade 2 Biology
Graduate Microbiology
Is a virus alive?
  1. Yes, it possesses all of the requirements for life.
  2. Yes, it possesses enough of the requirements for life to be considered living
  3. No, it does not possess all of the requirements for life.
  4. No, it does not possess any of the requirements for life
Grade 11 Prefixes and Suffixes
Vit, Viv
  1. Alive
  2. New
  3. Motion
  4. Light
Grade 2 Vocabulary
Grade 2 Vocabulary
to clean or make nice
  1. groom
  2. adult
  3. alive
Grade 4 Biotic and Abiotic
Grade 7 Vocabulary
Grade 2 Vocabulary
Grade 5 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
Grade 4 Vocabulary
The state of being alive
  1. existence
  2. antonyms
  3. synonyms
  4. interrupted
Grade 10 Microbiology
Viruses are not alive because                                                   .
  1. rely on cells to carry out many of their functions
  2. can’t reproduce on their own
  3. can't move
Grade 7 Botany
Oldest trees alive are                .
  1. Angiosperm
  2. Gymnosperm
  3. Prehistoric
  4. Petrified
Grade 3 Conservation and Biodiversity
To keep alive or in existence:
  1. Archaeology
  2. Fossilization
  3. Preserve
Grade 8 The Five People You Meet In Heaven
When Eddie was alive, he worked as a:
  1. Teacher at a high school
  2. Mechanic at an auto detailing shop
  3. Maintenance man at Ruby Pier
  4. He did not have a job
Grade 8 Vocabulary
To keep alive or in existence; make lasting
  1. decomposition
  2. preservation
  3. conservation
  4. salvation
Grade 6 Vocabulary
Grade 4 Conservation and Biodiversity
What does endangered mean?
  1. alive
  2. in danger of being dead
  3. caution
  4. help
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