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None Prepositions

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Grade 5 Days, Weeks, and Months
Grade 8 Sculpture
Grade 1 Capitalization CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.1.2
Choose the correct sentence.
  1. My Birthday is in August.
  2. my birthday is in August.
  3. My birthday is in August.
Grade 3 Using a Calendar
August has 31 days.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 1 Calendar Math
What is the first month of the year?
  1. January
  2. May
  3. August
  4. October
None Prenatal and Child Care
What month of the year has the least births?
  1. January
  2. September
  3. November
  4. August
Grade 1 Calendar Math
Which month comes just after September?
  1. August
  2. January
  3. October
  4. December
Grade 3 Days, Weeks, and Months
Month 8
  1. Aujust
  2. August
  3. Ahgust
Grade 8 Fashion and Style
What month was Coco Chanel born in?
  1. December
  2. January
  3. August
  4. May
Grade 1 Calendar Math
Which month comes just before October?
  1. November
  2. September
  3. August
Grade 3 Antonyms
Grade 12 Atmosphere
Grade 3 Sports
What word is short for Abdominal Muscle?
  1. Abercrombie
  2. Absent
  3. Abs
  4. August
Grade 3 Days, Weeks, and Months
Choose the correct spelling of the word.
  1. Agest
  2. Auguest
  3. Augest
  4. August
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