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Grade 4 :: Cell Theory by Dilasari
A substance has to pass through various parts of a plant cell before reaching the nucleus. Which of the following shows the correct order of these parts?
  1. cell wall, cytoplasm, cell membrane
  2. cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm
  3. cell membrane, cell wall, cytoplasm
  4. cell membrane, cytoplasm, cell wall
Grade 7 :: Cell Theory by izzi789
What does the Mitochondria do?
  1. make protein
  2. moves materials
  3. Breaks Down food and releases energy
  4. stores food
Grade 10 :: Cell Theory by LBeth
What is happening during the phase of mitosis represented by the image below?
Cell Prophase
  1. cytokinesis divides the cytoplasm
  2. chromatids coil to form chromosomes
  3. chromosomes move to opposite poles of the cell
  4. chromosomes align along the "equator" of the cell
Grade 10 :: Cell Theory by LBeth
The image below represents a phase of mitosis. Which phase is most likely represented by the image?
Cell Metaphase
  1. anaphase
  2. interphase
  3. telephase
  4. metaphase
Grade 8 :: Cell Theory by LBeth
Which of the following best describes the function of "C" in the plant cell shown below?
Animal Cell
  1. protein builders
  2. supports cell shape
  3. controls cell activities
  4. releases energy from food
Grade 7 :: Cell Theory by morriselsea
Mitosis and meiosis are the two divisions that take place in cells. These two process allow for the replication of organells and cell growth that is responsible for the growth that takes place in an organism.

* Explain the differences between mitosis and meiosis.

Cell Division
  • Mitosis is the process that happens in cells that causes the replication of all the organells in a cell. During mitosis the organells divided into equal numbers, move to opposite ends of the cell . The cell then splits in the middle creating two new cells.
    Meiosis is the division of the sex chromosomes in the nucleus. The nucleus contains 46 sex cells. During meiosis these 46 are divided equally into 23 male sex cells(sperm) and 23 female sex cells (eggs). when the cell divides each cell gets an equal number making a total of 46.
Grade 7 :: Cell Theory by jlovering
What stage of mitosis is most likely represented by the picture below?
Cell Telophase
  1. telophase
  2. prophase
  3. metaphase
  4. anaphase
Grade 4 :: Points Lines and Planes by LBeth
The symbol below is used to show a battery on electronics diagrams. Which of the following statements is true about this symbol?
Single Cell
  1. it has only parallel lines
  2. it has only perpendicular lines
  3. it has parallel and perpendicular lines
  4. it has no parallel or perpendicular lines
Grade 10 :: Cell Theory by LBeth
Which phase of mitosis comes immediately before the phase represented in the image below?
Cell Telophase
  1. anaphase
  2. prophase
  3. telophase
  4. metaphase
Grade 11 :: Magnetism and Electricity by chrisutz
This is the symbol for a battery.
Single Cell
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 10 :: Botany by LBeth
Which statement is true about structure "M" shown on the plant cell below?
Plant Cell
  1. M is the cell membrane and is also found on animal cells.
  2. M is the cell membrane and is not found on animal cells.
  3. M is the cell wall and is also found on animal cells.
  4. M is the cell wall and is not found on animal cells.
Grade 7 :: Cell Theory by lesmlehman
Give a concise definition of a cell.
  • A cell is the smallest unit capable of performing life functions.
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