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Grade 9 :: English Language Arts by mrdowels
Why did the president of the university look down upon the couple?
  1. He thought they were going to cause problems because they looked dangerous.
  2. He didn't think they were important enough to talk to because they looked poor.
  3. He had punished their son and felt they were to blame for the trouble he caused.
  4. He knew them from where he grew up and was trying to avoid them.
Grade 9 :: Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions by mrdowels

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What can you infer was the author's intended theme?
  1. Money Matters
  2. Never be to quick to judge by appearances
  3. Harvard only cared what someone looks like
  4. It is more important to use your money wisely
Grade 9 :: English Language Arts by mrdowels
Which answer best explains the meaning of dialogue?
  1. The Tortoise stating that slow and steady wins
  2. The Hare bragging about how fast he can run
  3. The Hare and Tortoise discussing the challenge between each other
Grade 7 :: Story Elements by sreynolds2
Characterization is...
  1. the central message in a story.
  2. the problem in a story.
  3. the process by which a writer reveals a character's personality and qualities.
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