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Grade 9 Visual Arts
An example of an analogous color scheme would be
  1. red, yellow, blue
  2. orange, green, purple
  3. blue, blue-green, green
  4. brown, purple, black
Grade 9 Visual Arts
Colors directly across from one another on the color wheel are called
  1. analogous
  2. complementary
  3. cross colors
  4. warm colors
Grade 9 Visual Arts
Grade 6 Painting
A plan for organizing colors is called                .
  1. portrait
  2. composition
  3. color scheme
  4. still life
Grade 6 Painting
Grade 7 Visual Arts
Grade 5 Visual Arts
Which colors will give you the greatest contrast?
  1. red and blue
  2. blue and green
  3. green and yellow
  4. red and green
Grade 4 Waves and Sound
Which color is NOT found in the rainbow?
  1. pink
  2. violet
  3. yellow
  4. indigo
Kindergarten Two Dimensional Shapes CCSS: K.G.A.3
Kindergarten Three Dimensional Shapes CCSS: K.G.A.3
Kindergarten Basic Shapes CCSS: K.G.A.2
Kindergarten Basic Shapes CCSS: K.G.A.2
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