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Grade 6 :: Zoology by gregoryprudhomme
A skeleton that is outside of an animal's body is called a/an
  1. echinoderm
  2. invertebrate
  3. exoskeleton
  4. endoskeleton
Grade 6 :: Taxonomy by gregoryprudhomme
Animals that have internal skeletons and spiny skins are called               
  1. exoskeleton
  2. endoskeleton
  3. echinoderms
  4. vertebrates
Grade 7 :: Skin Skeleton and Muscles by lolboy_1
What is an internal skeleton that is made of bone and cartilage?
  1. endotherm
  2. exoskeleton
  3. endoskeleton
  4. ectotherm
Grade 10 :: Skin Skeleton and Muscles by Ackerley
What is the function of bones? (3)
  • Make up the endoskeleton of mammals
    protects the internal organs
    togehter with the muscles bring about movement
Grade 10 :: Skin Skeleton and Muscles by jess_river
The human skeleton is a familiar example of an endoskeleton that is composed of bone and cartilage. Describe the five functions of the bone.
  • 1 & 2.Support & Movement: Some bones provide support for the skeletal muscles, for example, the femur supports the muscles in the upper leg which can cause the leg to move.
    3. Protection:The skull provides protection for the brain and ribs protect the lungs and heart.
    4. Blood cell production: Some bones contain red marrow and are sites for blood cell productions.
    5. Mineral storage:Bones provide storage for minerals like Calcium and Phosphorus ions.
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