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Grade 7 Vocabulary
  1. corresponding in structure because of a common origin
  2. to make it appear that a person has committed a crime, when they have not
  3. a message that is sent to law agency all over America when a child is missing and the police think a crime has happened
  4. causing or worthy of ridicule or derision; laughable
None Framing Techniques
What is the most common type of framing method used in residential wood frame buildings?
  1. Balloon Framing
  2. Platform Framing
  3. Rigid Framing
  4. Post and Beam
Grade 11 The Notebook
Grade 8 Business Technology
None Windows and Exterior Doors
None Windows and Exterior Doors
Grade 10 Story Elements
None Windows and Exterior Doors
Grade 4 Vocabulary
Circular frames that turn on an axle
  1. wheels
  2. frozen
  3. think
  4. asks
Grade 5 Forces and Motion
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