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Grade 4 :: Spelling by MissDee
Grade 8 :: Vocabulary by janetwitte
Gain information by surveying a situation:
  1. extortion
  2. reconnoiter
  3. bellowing
  4. seedy
Grade 7 :: Vocabulary by sreynolds2
College :: Reactions by aem492
What is oxidation?
  1. the gain of electrons and the loss of hydrogen
  2. the gain of hydrogen and the loss of electrons
  3. the loss of both electrons and hydrogen
  4. the gain of both electrons and hydrogen
  5. a and b
Grade 5 :: Magnetism and Electricity by agosse
College :: Biochemistry by aem492
If a plant cell with a solute concentration of 0.093g is placed in a saline solution with a solute concentration of 0.78g the plant cell will...
  1. lose water and become plasmolysed
  2. gain water and become turgid
  3. gain water and burst
  4. gain and lose water at the same rate
  5. become flaccid
College :: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments by dezcar0013
Depakote should not be given to children under the age of 3 because it can cause,
  1. Weight gain
  2. Severe Liver damage
  3. Irritability
  4. Drowsiness
College :: Medical Practices by dezcar0013
College :: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments by dezcar0013
Glucocorticoids cause what in women,
  1. Weight loss
  2. Striae
  3. Weight Gain
  4. Depression
Grade 6 :: Latin America and Caribbean by acarroll2
Grade 4 :: The Frontier by Nikithomas
Grade 6 :: Africa and Middle East by nkapadz
Why did city-states in Sumer fight each other?
  1. To increase the size of their militaries
  2. To gain more farmland
  3. To gain access to gold
  4. None of the above
Grade 8 :: Heat Transfer by skybeauty2
A wet shirt is put on a clothesline to dry on a sunny day. The shirt dries because water molecules
  1. gain heat energy and condense
  2. gain heat energy and evaporate
  3. lose heat energy and condense
  4. lose heat energy and evaporate
Continuing Education :: Public Safety by CoreyT
One long, loud whistle blast is the signal to do what?
  1. clear the pool
  2. gain attention of fellow lifeguard
  3. gain attention of member or guest
  4. initiate the EAP
  5. none of the above
Grade 10 :: Atomic Structure by LBeth
What must magnesium do in order to have a complete outer shell of electrons?
  1. lose 1 electron
  2. gain 1 electron
  3. lose 2 electrons
  4. gain 2 electrons
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