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Grade 7 Taxonomy
Grade 10 The Catcher in the Rye
The genre for this novel is
  1. nonfiction
  2. historical fiction
  3. bildungsroman
  4. psychodrama
Grade 8 The Pigman
What genre is "The Pigman"?
  1. non-fiction
  2. science-fiction
  3. biography
  4. realistic fiction
Grade 7 Identifying Genre
Grade 6 Lob's Girl
The genre of Lob's girl is?
  1. non-fiction
  2. fiction
  3. drama
  4. poetry
Grade 6 Identifying Genre
Which of the following is not a literary genre?
  1. non fiction
  2. drama
  3. poetry
  4. alliteration
Grade 9 Walk Two Moons
The genre of Walk Two Moons is:
  1. Non-fiction.
  2. Autobiographical.
  3. Biographical.
  4. Fiction.
Grade 3 Alexander Who Is Not Going to Move
Which literary genre is this story?
  1. Fantasy
  2. Pulp Fiction
  3. Realistic Fiction
  4. Fable
Grade 4 Smokejumpers
Grade 7 Identifying Genre
Grade 8 Reading Strategies CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RL.8.3
Grade 10 Theater
"Mood" is the:
  1. feel of the play
  2. storyline of the play
  3. length of the play
  4. genre of the play
Grade 4 Social Sciences
College One Hundred Years of Solitude
Magical realism is a style or genre of fiction
  1. in which witches and goblins steal the Ring.
  2. which deal with issues of de-colonization or the political and cultural independence of people formerly subjugated to colonial rule.
  3. in which magical elements blend with the real world.
  4. in which Texas Tech ever beats The University of Texas.
Grade 9 Music Theory
Which genre is best in a Meter of 2?
  1. Grandma's boogie
  2. Folk Music
  3. March
  4. Country
Grade 6 Vocabulary
My favorite "genre" to read is science fiction. Genre means:
  1. general items
  2. type of giraffe
  3. a type or category
  4. large book
Grade 8 Vocabulary
Using your knowledge of roots, prefixes, and suffixes, what is the definition of an audiologist?
  1. the study of taste confusion
  2. the study of hearing disorders
  3. the study of music genres
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