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Grade 7 Mesopotamia
The Code of Hammurabi was based on the concept of _____________.
  1. Thou shall not lie
  2. An eye for an eye
  3. be nice to others
  4. cruel and unusual punishment
Grade 9 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
Who was the king of the Chaldeans?
  1. Nebuchadnezzar
  2. Otzi
  3. Sargon
  4. Hammurabi
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
Which of these leaders was a king of the Akkadians?
  1. Hammurabi
  2. Nebuchnezzar
  3. Sargon
  4. Gilgamesh
Grade 9 Ancient History
The Hebrews were led out of slavery by
  1. Moses
  2. Abraham
  3. Sargon
  4. Hammurabi
None Mesopotamia
Who built the world's first empire?
  1. Hammurabi
  2. Sargon
  3. Sumerian
  4. Judah
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
Who was the first "superhero" in Ancient Sumer?
  1. Hammurabi
  2. Superman
  3. Gilgamesh
  4. Sargon
College Egypt
Symbolic of Hammurabi's unification of Mesopotamia was:
  1. the exodus from Egypt
  2. his great law code
  3. the defeat of the Egyptians
  4. the coming of King Peleset
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar both
  1. built beautiful palaces.
  2. used chariots in battle.
  3. captured Phoenicia.
  4. built up Babylon.
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
Grade 1 Mesopotamia
The world's first written story was about who?
  1. Gilgamesh
  2. Hammurabi
  3. Ur
  4. Olivia
Grade 1 Mesopotamia
Who created the first written laws?
  1. Hammurabi
  2. Gilgamesh
  3. Cradle
  4. Ziggurat
Grade 6 Egypt
Who became the first king of Egypt?
  1. Tutankhamen
  2. Menes
  3. Hammurabi
  4. Cario
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
The Code of Hammurabi is an example of
  1. written rules for legal procedures
  2. the power of strong kings to control trade
  3. way to conduct wars against neighboring nations
  4. laws passed by absolute rulers
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
The Sumerians wedge-shaped system of writing was called __.
  1. Code of Hammurabi
  2. Cuneiform
  3. Ziggurat
  4. Ensi
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