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Grade 7 :: Ancient History by Susieg12
The Code of Hammurabi was based on the concept of _____________.
  1. Thou shall not lie
  2. An eye for an eye
  3. be nice to others
  4. cruel and unusual punishment
Grade 8 :: Ancient History by jsnell
Which ancient empire was founded by Hammurabi?
  1. Babylonian
  2. Sumerian
  3. Akkadian
  4. Egyptian
Grade 6 :: Ancient History by kerryod
Grade 9 :: Christian Studies by dogbird
Grade 6 :: Mesopotamia by SGC315
Who was the king of the Chaldeans?
  1. Nebuchadnezzar
  2. Otzi
  3. Sargon
  4. Hammurabi
Grade 6 :: Egypt by Off10h8ed
Who became the first king of Egypt?
  1. Tutankhamen
  2. Menes
  3. Hammurabi
  4. Cario
Grade 7 :: Ancient History by Susieg12
Grade 6 :: Mesopotamia by judyjohnha
The Sumerians wedge-shaped system of writing was called __.
  1. Code of Hammurabi
  2. Cuneiform
  3. Ziggurat
  4. Ensi
Grade 1 :: Mesopotamia by erluders
Graduate :: Social Studies by MaryCatherine
The BEST approach given for changing our conception of ethics in family therapy is ___.
  1. To give greater emphasis to practical issues such as record keeping.
  2. To adhere strictly to the fundamental principle in the Hippocratic oath or code of Hammurabi.
  3. To use a nonlinear commonsense approach in eliminating harm to any family member.
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