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Grade 11 Human Reproduction
Grade 4 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
Which is not the name of a tooth?
  1. molar
  2. canal
  3. premolars
  4. canine
  5. incisor
Grade 6 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Which are parts of the brain?
  1. forebrain
  2. esophagus
  3. the brain stem
  4. trachea
  5. hindbrain
  6. liver
Grade 6 Circulatory and Immune Systems
The average person has about                 of blood.
  1. 9 - 10 pints
  2. 9 - 10 quarts
  3. 3 - 4 gallons
  4. 8 liters
Grade 6 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
Grade 5 Circulatory and Immune Systems
Where is the heart located?
  1. above the ribs
  2. under the ribs
Grade 4 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
Grade 4 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
College Circulatory and Immune Systems
Who was the London physician that discovered the circulation of a heart?
  1. Harley Willis
  2. Harvey Weinstein
  3. William Harvey
  4. John Harvey
Grade 4 Circulatory and Immune Systems
Grade 4 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Grade 6 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
Choose 2 of the important jobs that your skin does.
  1. Helps digest food.
  2. Protects the body from bacteria.
  3. Helps make new blood cells.
  4. Controls body temperature.
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